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boudoir photo of a blonde haired woman posing in a bed


...It's not just undies and high heels!  Learn what boudoir photography really is, and take a few moments to meet me.

Make an informed decision.

What Is  Boudoir?




Surprisingly, most people do not!  Boudoir is an extremely simple, and often misunderstood form of photography.


The first step in shopping for a boudoir photographer is understanding a little bit about what boudoir actually is... and what it isn't.

Discover the vital where, why, and how of boudoir. This simple video explains the basics of boudoir photography-- and what you've had wrong all along.  


Very few photographers excel in the art of boudoir photography.  In fact, many photographers who refer to themselves as "boudoir photographers" aren't!  See why!

Even if I'm not your final choice as a photographer, these videos are a great resource on how to shop for boudoir, and to also help you choose your photographer wisely.


Would you serve fast food to your wedding guests?  --Of course not.  What does this have to do with selecting a photographer?  You'd be surprised.  Click to the next page below...


Learn why boudoir quality &  experience matter most...

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