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The ultimate birthday, wedding or anniversary gift at the ultimate price with NJ's favorite womens photographer.  

Special Includes

My special includes everything you need for the perfect gift!  I've photographed hundreds of women, and I really think you would enjoy boudoir photography.  Not only is it a terrific gift idea--it's also possibly the most fun you can have making a gift.  I wanted to extend a special offer to give you the opportunity to book your session with me at an amazing discount and see why so many people love giving boudoir as a gift.


Boudoir is NEVER photographed in a dark studio... Don't be fooled.

Unique Art Work

My unique artisan boudoir-- which can't be found elsewhere.

No Outfit Limits

Bring all your favorites for your session with no restrictions.

Posing Guidance

Expert guidance for perfect posing results.

boudoir photo of a woman laying in bed with her legs on the headboard

Available Makeup

Optional professional makeup and lash application to help you look your best.

Full Retouching

Retouching of all your selected images.

6x9 Photo Album

A luxurious 6x9 photo album.  The perfect gift for your partner, or yourself!

Book For Only $50 Down Today. 

I'm actually so positive you'd have a great time in your session, and I'd hate for you to miss the opportunity to come in that I'm even offering a way to make it easier...  Pay only a $50 retainer today to book your session with one year to use your session.  Payments are available for your balance, as well.

See Why So Many NJ Women Choose Mike...

As NJ's premier luxury boudoir photographer I've built my business around two core principles: Quality and Customer Experience.  I'm enthusiastic about my job, and have always been driven to give my clients the "best" while having an amazing time.  No one else comes close.  Truly beautiful images packaged in custom hand-made keepsake albums became my signature.  I was never one to cut corners and women responded in an overwhelmingly positive fashion.  Working with elite NJ brides who valued these experiences and wanted keepsake wedding gifts became my specialty, and my calendar can be booked booked months in advance...  I love having specials, because everyone should have the opportunity to experience boudoir and enjoy an afternoon of pampering-- whether for a gift, or for yourself.  You deserve it!




Here Is Everything You're Getting With This LIMITED Offer!

Thanks for visiting my website and taking interest in my work.  I really think you would enjoy boudoir photography and wanted to extend a special offer to give you the opportunity to book your session with an amazing discount and see why so many people love giving boudoir as a gift. 


For a short time I'm running a special all-inclusive session for $1595 - Including professional makeup and a custom amazing 6x9 photo ALBUM.  Especially for those who love videos!  Whoot! 


Your session includes:  

  •  A full boudoir session in my cute building.

  • My unique artisan boudoir, which can't be found anywhere else. 

  •  No outfit limits. 

  •  Pro coaching.

  •  A private online proofing gallery.  

  •  Full image post processing (all images are retouched!)

  • Available Professional makeup application ($150 value.)

  • Dry hair styling.

  • 30 images in a custom 6x9 photo ALBUM.

  • Included web-sized digitals of selections ($150 value.)

  • All the extra photos you'd like @ $25/image.

  • Included boudoir teaser video* ($150 value.)

  • Included boudoir feature video* ($300 value.)

  • 3 - 8"x12" Portrait Prints ($180 value.)

This package saves $744 vs. a la carte pricing.


What's the difference?  Well, photo books are printed on a photographic paper and have thinner pages.  Photo albums are printed on a photographic substrate which is much thicker and presents your images in a premium way.

*Boudoir feature videos = 4-6 minutes in length.  Teaser videos = ~30-90 seconds.

Book Today!

Pay only $50 Down Today To Get Started

Pay only a $50 retainer today to book your session and get started on your fantastic boudoir experience.  Payments are even available for your balance!


Don't need your session quite yet?  No problem.  Save it for Christmas, your wedding, or your husbands birthday.  You have up to a year to schedule, but this special is only available for a short time.


Only the $50 retainer due now, and the balance is due upon scheduling, and you'll have one full year to schedule.


Click below to get started.



Thanks for visiting today, and I look forward to meeting you!


Questions?  I understand.  Boudoir can be a bit involved, and I understand these sessions are typically for gifts...and are secrets!  You can reach me via the  my Contact Page... but don't want too long, this offer will expire.






 I have photographed hundreds of women over the years, and the focus of each and every session is to create beauty and help clients see a side of themselves that is confident & empowered-- all the while having a great time doing it.  I have the best job going!

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