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Meet The Boudoir Photographer Of Choice For Monmouth County Brides.

Updated: May 18

It just really comes down to being made aware that there is another choice. There is something better. Like the first time you stumbled upon a Rooks, and wondered how you didn't know about this before! There is, likewise, a better choice in boudoir photographers if you're in Monmouth County. Curious? Read on...

For over ten years I've been working with brides from Rumson, Colts Neck, and all over the Monmouth County area looking to create incredible wedding gifts...and who were looking for something better than the typical run-of-the-mill boudoir session.

boudoir photo of beautiful brunette wearing bridal lingerie
Elite Boudoir Photography For Monmouth County Brides

Hi, I'm Michael. I specialize in creating unparalleled bridal boudoir photography. It's my thing. How did you just find out about this now? Well, odds are you may have just started looking. No worries... you're here!

I've been at this quite a while. I run a specialty boudoir business, and I'm so lucky to get the opportunity to work with women from not only all around New Jersey... but from New York City, Pennsylvania...and beyond! Over my career I've had the opportunity to photograph hundreds of women. I love it. It's a unique honor that I take fairly seriously.

boudoir photographer Mike Cassidy

I work a bit differently than most. What I do is definitely a bit of an extravagance, as well as an experience.

When I get asked questions about shopping for a boudoir photographer I always explain that you have to think about it like a special occasion-- like a wedding, or an anniversary. Does your wedding happen every day? Nope. You take a year of your life planning and making choices so everything will be perfect. Your taking time to select the best venue, the finest meals, the most beautiful dress-- it's an event! Did you set out to explicitly search and buy the cheapest wedding dress you could find? ...Probably not. Why not?

Let's say you were going out for an anniversary dinner. It's a special occasion. You worked on your hair and makeup. Bought a new amazing outfit to wear. You are ready to celebrate another great year with your partner. You hop in the car and head out and your partner says, "We're off to Taco Bell..." "Wait, what?" you say.

For a special celebration, Taco Bell probably isn't on the top of your list. You were expecting an amazing steak dinner. You love Ruth's Chris. You certainly don't go spending $70 on a steak every day, but on your anniversary, it's not just about the bottom line. Your having a wonderful evening with your partner, and sometimes in life the experience is the choice that makes sense.

This mindset has to follow through when shopping for your boudoir photographer, as well.

What's it like to work with me? Well, I guess since we're being honest here, I'm that Ruth's Chris steak. I'm that Range Rover Velar SVAutobiography. I'm that Gucci Kingsnake belt...

Why So Many Monmouth County Brides Choose Mike

boudoir photo of beautiful brunette wearing black lingerie standing by a window.

I never planned on any of this happening...LOL. I never even planned on being a boudoir photographer. You could say it was an accident. It all started as a favor to a friend, and literally blossomed from there as word spread from friend to friend. Being the type of person I am, I said to myself Well, if this is going to become a thing, we're doing to do it a bit differently.

I'm a bit obsessive. Not only did I throw myself in learning how to photography women. It needed to be better than anyone else. Countless hours of practice and late nights studying we the norm. While other photographers were in bed, I was sitting up at a computer at 1AM trying to figure out how I could have done a certain photo better.

Over time this lead to a distinct style. To this day I am still super-critical of myself. I knew what I wanted a boudoir session to be, and so I created a system that let me produce the type of results I knew I wanted. It meant not cutting corners. It meant dedicating a lot of time (perhaps too much time) to each project to get it right. I wasn't willing to compromise. I wasn't willing to cut corners. It was what it was.

It turns out there was a demand for this type of boudoir photography, and my audience grew.

So, here I am today operating a specialty bridal boudoir photography business for women who want the best of boudoir photography.

Don't Leave Your Wedding Boudoir Photography To Chance

boudoir photo of stunning brunette in white lingerie and a white button down shirt by a window

So, who are my clients? Great question. My clients are women who value experiences, enjoy having a great time-- and as I mentioned earlier, are looking for a "better" alternative.

What's is like working with me? Well, usually it starts with an inquiry from my Contact Page or my Instagram account. My of my clients are brides, but I work with women for all occasions.

As I mentioned, I work a bit differently. I usually like to jump on a quick Zoom or Google Meet to learn a bit more about you and what you are expecting from your session. It's important to make sure we're a good fit. I'm enthusiastic about what I do, and I really only want to work with clients who feel the same.

Due to the nature of my work, I only make a limited number of slots available each month, and once they're filled... they're filled. As I mentioned before, I invest a lot of time with each bride, and I'm not fond of cutting corners. Every client gets the attention they deserve.

How far you ahead should you book your bridal session? I'd say at least 2-3 months before your wedding is a safe bet. Boudoir photography takes time. After a session is completed, it can take me a few weeks to get through the photos, prepare a gallery, assist you with selections, etc. It's a process! Not only that, for some of the specialty albums I'm producing can, alone, take two weeks or so for printing and binding. So get in early!