Why You Should Celebrate a Milestone With A Boudoir Session.

Updated: May 3, 2019

Ashley is a hard worker. Not too long ago she received a promotion at work to a Marketing Manager position, and she was thrilled. Ashley has also been in a relationship for a while, and will be getting married over the next few years. Like most people, she is super busy with work and home life. and is planning an island vacation during the winter. Any extra spare time she has is split between family, friends, hitting the gym and trying to grab a few hours a week of elusive quiet time just to re-center herself.

Ashley had always planned on doing a boudoir photo shoot, and was referred to me by one of her friends I had photographed for a wedding gift about a year earlier. Her initial contact was in regard to a bit of long-term wedding planning and doing a bit of re-con for a bridal boudoir session.

After a few emails, I could hear she was excited about the idea. She loved the way her friends album turned out and was looking forward to creating her own.

"So, why wait?" I said.

"I don't know...my boyfriends birthday is in about six months."

"What about you?"

It took a bit before she caught on. I explained to her that some of the best sessions I have are for women doing a boudoir session for themselves.

"People do that? I thought I needed it to be for gift for someone. That's amazing idea. --Like a me-party." She responded.

boudoir in stockings
A boudoir session is a welcome way to celebrate the small victories in life

Hi. My name is Michael, and I'm a boudoir photographer from New Jersey. I work with lots of women every year, and have a great time helping create beautiful photo memories that will last a lifetime. I love educating women about boudoir, and helping them make a smart choice when choosing their photographer.

One great thing about a boudoir session, is it can be just for you! For some reason, many women believe boudoir is something that they need to do for someone else. This is starting to change a bit over the past few years, however, as more and more women come in...for themselves!

Celebrate Small Victories

We're all working so much these days. People seem to be go-go-go more than ever. Many of my clients are just like Ashley. They work hard. Have great jobs. And generally seem to be in a great place in their lives.

Over the years, and through more boudoir sessions than I can remember, people seem to think that boudoir is something they need to do (at least on the surface) for someone else. That's not the case at all! Boudoir can be a bit of a "me" celebration.

I've had countless conversations with clients in the midst of a session where they told me its a gift... but they were really doing the session in part for themselves, too. I always tell people boudoir is not only a great gift idea, it's possibly the most fun you can have creating a gift, as well.