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Why Manahawkin NJ Women Choose THIS Boudoir Photographer!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

boudoir photo of woman in black stockings and garters in bed

Let's face it. Most Manahawkin women have been going to this boudoir photographer for years... and here's why.

A boudoir photography session is an amazing experience, but finding the right boudoir photographer can be stressful. So many women are now considering boudoir sessions-- for wedding gifts, Christmas, and anniversary presents... just to name a few occasions. --And it's important to get it right!

This all sounds great! --But where to start!?

Well, here's the thing... it can take bit of work to get it right. Contrary to what you may think, not all photographers are created equal! Think of it this way... would you say all restaurants are the same? Of course not! Likewise, photographers are all very different from one another. Let's take a look.

Manahawkin NJ boudoir photographer

It's All About The Fun...

Boudoir is a great gift idea. Not only that... it's probably the most fun you can have creating a gift. Here's the dirty truth, though... So many boudoir photographers have completely sucked the fun out of boudoir photography. Instead of treating boudoir in the manner it should be, they have decided to turn it into some soul searching therapy session with the underlying assumption that all women are broken, and the high and mighty photographer is there to put your life back together. Don't believe me? Take a look around!

I don't do that! As it turns out... women love boudoir, and are simply looking for a fun gift for a partner or for themselves. Women come in to me for a great time, and to receive beautiful one-of-a-kind results. Simple as that. It's a formula that has worked for me for years.

boudoir photo of woman in bed in lingerie

It's Actual Boudoir!

This may seem a bit confusing at first... but many photographers that advertise "boudoir" really have no idea what boudoir photography actually is! ...And in a lot of cases they sell sessions as "boudoir" which aren't even boudoir photography! Yikes!

How can that be? Look at it this way. If you put on a bathing suit and take a photo of yourself in the back yard-- is that a beach photo? No! Of course, not. Well, likewise, just because you have underwear on and someone is taking a photo of you... doesn't make it boudoir. There's quite a bit more to it. The photographers, themselves, don't really know or understand boudoir photography-- which is actually kind of scary. The truth is anyone can call themselves a "professional photographer" and there is no guarantee they actually know anything about what they are doing! If you'd like to know some of the details of what actually makes a boudoir session, you can read a bit more about it here.

Boudoir photography is about beauty, elegance, and is photographed in a simple and organic manner. Boudoir isn't about lots of photo gear, big flashy lights, fake backgrounds, or yikes(!) taking photos in a dark photo studio. That's not boudoir!

boudoir photo of woman in bed wearing jeans

Stunning Results & Experiences

Imagine it's your anniversary. You bought a new dress, and you are so excited to go out with your partner to celebrate. You spent hours getting your makeup and hair right... breaking out your favorite shoes...and it's time to head out. You jump into the car and ask your partner where you are going... and they say, "Taco Bell!" Wait, What?!

"...Well it's the cheapest. I don't understand how any other restaurants can even exist when you can get a meal at Taco Bell for $2.99." Hmmm... something tells me that going out to celebrate your anniversary isn't based upon finding the cheapest food item you can find. Why is that? Well, because it's a special occasion! As strange as it sounds, the cheapest solution really isn't the right one in every circumstance. Shopping for photography in that manner will surely lead you down a road you don't want to travel.

I don't think you'd be too happy strutting into Taco Bell all dressed up in your Louboutins for a $2 Chalupa dinner simply because it was cheap. It's a night of's about the experience...and having an amazing time.

Likewise, a boudoir session is a special occasion. It's not about searching out the "Taco Bell" of boudoir photographers. This is a A-No. 1 mistake many women make when searching for their photographer. Boudoir photography is not a price comparative industry. Certainly choosing the "Taco Bell" option is most likely to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth... not to mention the certain indigestion that will follow.