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What This Top Photographer Has Learned Can Lead To 💰 Big Success For OnlyFans Creators.

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

OnlyFans Tips

Have you been thinking about starting an OnlyFans account? Or are you looking to grow your following? This may be the post for you! Imagine being able to talk to dozens and dozens of OnlyFans creators to be able to pick their brains about how they operate their business. What works. What didn't. How they got started. What they've learned. What a resource that would be!

Well, over the past few years, that's exactly what I've done. As a top womens photograper in NJ I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity.

I'm not certain... but I probably started seeing my first clients mentioning OnlyFans in late 2018 or early 2019. I wasn't exactly sure what it was all about at first, and after receiving inquiries about creating content for the service I decided to take a closer look.

Fast forward a few years, and I've become somewhat of an expert on the platform after working with dozens and dozens of creators-- from new to experienced-- and with small to quite large followings. I've seen what works... and what doesn't. I've talked with many women about how they've learned to maximize the platform.

None of this was ever planned. 😂 Over the past few years I've been fortunate to be able to interact with these creators, and gather all this knowledge and wound up sharing it with those who wanted to listen. Many of my client OnlyFans sessions now seem to also involve some degree of coaching and planning as well as content creation.

Curious about learning some of these tips? I bet. As any creator would tell you, though, you certainly don't give away your most exclusive content for free! (Or cheap!) Right? Lesson #1 learned. 😂😂 --Don't worry, there's plenty of great info below.

Think about it, though. People are willing to spend way more on a Ferrari than a used Hyundai, right? Why? There is an entire marketing strategy behind the branding and pricing. ...And why so many people yeeearrrnnnn to have that Ferrari. Are you going to be the Ferrari or the used Hyundai?

Now is the time to decide!

Let's take a look at some of the common questions regarding getting started...

Do you need a fancy photographer to be successful on OnlyFans?

Yes...and no. Here's the bottom line... OnlyFans is about providing a steady stream of content to your subscribers. Fancy photographers, like me 😂, come at a fancy price that may not be in the budget of many who are just getting started. Filling your feed with nothing but pro images can get really expensive... and you may not receive an immediate return on that investment. You don't need fancy-schmancy pro images to get started... or grow subscribers.

That being said there is certainly a case for working with pro photographers to level up your content. Getting a great cover image, alone, may be worth the expense. You don't get a second change to make a first impression. On the OF platform you are competing with thousands of women and you may only get a split second for someone to decide if they will click through and check out your account... or not. If your cover image is not up to snuff... you may be losing out... BIG.

If your account is new, and you don't have many subscribers, spending a lot of money on pro photography content that is not really reaching a wide audience may not always be a great initial investment-- especially if you are working with limited resources. Your great photos are only been seen by a few eyeballs, and you won't be really getting a big return on money spent. You don't have enough paying eyeballs yet to recoup what your are going to spend.

I always tell people don't go rushing in to spending a lot of money on content when getting started. Your cell phone takes great photos, and starting off with some cute selfies is not a mistake and will be the most cost effective way to get your account off the ground.

Once you are established and can benefit from a set of pro images, it can certainly be a worthwhile investment.

But wait... what about my Instagram account? Aren't pro images good for promoting my OnlyFans there?

Again, yes... or maybe no. Many women who are creating OnlyFans accounts use Instagram to help promote and drive traffic to their accounts. How many followers do you have on your Instagram? Are you creating a new one just to promote your OnlyFans?

Some women create new Instagram accounts solely to promote their OnlyFans accounts to separate their "private Insta" from their "OnlyFans Insta." If you are making a new Instagram just to promote your account... you know it takes a lot of work to grow a following on Instagram! For a new account with little to no followers it may not be worth the initial expense of paying for pro images-- to share on an account with little to no following.

If you have an established account with thousands or tens of thousands of followers pro images can help take you to the next level and may be worth the cost.

Wait... I see women on Instagram who I know have OF accounts that seem to post tons of pro images AND they literally have hundreds of thousands of followers... that's what I want!!! No?

Well, odds are those accounts didn't start off using exclusively pro content.