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This Low Key Celebrity Boudoir Photographer Works Magic With His Camera

boudoir photo of woman kneeling on bed from behind holding flogger
Celebrity Boudoir Photographer

As a pro boudoir photographer it’s only inevitable that sooner or later someone asks “Have you ever photographed any celebrities?” or “Have you photographed any famous people?” These are questions that just seem to come with the job! In my case, the short answer is “Yes,” but more commonly I tell people “No--” and here’s why…

Even though it’s true, answering “Yes” to that question will cause the conversation to continue— and what do you think the next thing the person asking will say? --Right! “Who? Give me more details!” —Which is only extending a line of questioning which I prefer not to continue. So, why not talk about it?

Pro Boudoir Photographer Mike Cassidy

Even though coming in for a boudoir session is hardly scandalous, it is still something that most people prefer to be private, or perhaps only shared with a partner. By default my sessions are private for all clients-- even if they have a more "public" persona. --And in an instance or two there have even been clients I am restricted from discussing. (I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to write that I'm not allowed to write about it. 😂.)

That being said, I can understand the interest people have in celebrities and why they would want details about someone they may know from television, movies, or commercials. It can sound exciting. Here's one detail I will share that goes to show how out of the celebrity loop I personally am! 🤓 I have booked a celebrity client and not even realized it! --True! 😂

Here's the thing: It really doesn't matter to me! I don't do anything differently whether my client is a celebrity, a physical therapist, or student! Truth be told, I don't follow celebrities, and embarrassingly, most often don't even know their work. Another fun fact: Even if I have an idea of who the client is, usually I don't even mention it to the makeup artist on-site that day.

Why? Because everyone that passes through my door get treated great.

Another question that often comes out of this line of questioning is, "Do you charge people more because they are famous?" The answer is a resounding "No." Not that it has happened tons of times, but as I stated earlier but odds are I will not even recognize the person by name! Not only that, typically when I'm speaking to clients before a session, the topic of their occupation isn't something that would normally be part of a typical consultation.

Personally, though, even if I did know, I treat each client the same, and as such there would be no difference in fees.

So, what would be the most popular category of celebrity? Well, I do not keep records, but if I had to guess I would say wives/fiancés of pro athletes is probably in the top spot. --And in the NY/Philly metro area where I draw most clients, there are lots of pro sports teams. So, there have been a few pro sports jerseys that have made their way into boudoir albums.

The bottom line is women, despite their level of fame, all love looking beautiful. I have been lucky in that people have seen and enjoyed my work, and are willing to come in to have a fun boudoir shoot looking to have results they can feel good about and enjoy for years.

boudoir photo of woman in bed displaying engagement ring.

I've had an interesting journey. When I started my career as a womens photographer, I knew I wanted to do it better and not cut corners. What I could have never imaged was that people would be traveling from around the US to work with me! It's been quite an adventure!

Do I see myself as a "Celebrity Photographer?" Not at all. For those who have met me, I'm about as un-celebrity as you can be. 😂 I do, however, want every client to feel and look like a movie star, so in some small way every client is a celebrity... if only for just a few hours.