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These Hands Down Amazing Boudoir Photos Left Women Speechless... See How Yours Can Too!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

beautiful woman in black lingerie posing by a window from behind
Amazing Boudoir Photos

Every woman wants amazing boudoir photos. Finding great boudoir photos, however, can be a bit like finding great pizza. It seems like there's a lot of it out there, and it should be easy, but truth be told-- like pizza-- 95% of it is subpar, and very few do it right. The reality is finding an amazing boudoir photographer can be a bit like finding that diamond in the rough pizza parlor. The interesting thing to me has always been how most women fail to see the difference between good... and bad... when it comes to photography. Let's take a look...

Would you say all restaurants are the same? Of course not! How about cars? Or clothes? Nope. Well, this same thing is true of photographers. The hard truth that many women learn too late is that just because someone claims to be a "pro boudoir photographer" doesn't really mean much in the end.

I can't buy a set of golf clubs and start making claims I'm a "pro golfer." It just doesn't work that way... I have to start playing tournaments... and win... and work my way up the ranks to be invited to have a chance to play with the pros. Very few...very few succeed. To the contrary, however, anyone can buy a camera on Amazon, put up a website, and the next day claim they are a "pro boudoir photographer"-- whether they have ever touched a camera, or not! (And many do just this!)

Do you really think someone can become an expert golfer in a week? Or a month? Do you think you can learn to expertly pay a guitar in a few weeks? Um, the answer to these would be a resounding no. It can take years. So, how does someone who only a few weeks ago was tormenting their friends to buy MLM essential oils and "get in" on their "growing opportunity" suddenly become an ace boudoir photographer??

They can't.

So, why do so many women fall for this? Simple. They don't ask the right questions. They don't know bad photography when they see it. --And, they put a priority on "paying less"-- which is what gets most women in trouble.

boudoir photo of women laying in bed in jeans and black underwear
Amazing NJ Boudoir Photography

Gucci is expensive. Each bag or shoe is a unique work of art which comes at a price. It's a luxury item that you will certainly pay more for, but will get years of enjoyment from using. If you saw someone offering a "brand new" Gucci bag for sale for $100... you'd be suspicious. It can't be true! You know in your heart something is wrong.

Likewise, boudoir photography is unique and personal artwork that each client is commissioning from a photographer. Boudoir photography is all about creating beautiful photos that clients can (and will) enjoy for years. I hear from clients years after their sessions that they still look at their albums... I know this is true! The strange thing is that if women see a boudoir session for $100-- they see it as a deal(!) when in reality they should be just as suspicious as that $100 Gucci bag-- certainly something is wrong.

I'd never be able to play basketball for the Knicks. --Of this, I am aware. Despite my best "intentions" and my devotion to becoming the world's best basketball player, I simply lack the physical skills to play at that level. Good intentions, unfortunately, don't make up for a lack of God-given talent. This is another huuuggggeee fail for many boudoir photographers (that clients need to be aware of.) There is a shared lack of self-awareness in the boudoir photographer community. A general lack of photographic talent goes unrecognized, and many believe "intentions" and "life altering claims" can fill the void-- it can't. After the cheerleading dies down, client are just left holding unflattering images.

You'll find tons of boudoir photographers bragging about their "life altering" powers and super human ability to "empower" the masses through their photography. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, these people often may have good intentions, but that's not enough. It's really not enough. These outlandish claims are often accompanied by low quality work, that well, isn't really going to be changing anyone's life for the better. As a general rule, the louder the claims, generally less you can expect in quality.

stunning brunette standing by a window for a boudoir photo

Hey, I'm no genius. I can't play basketball. I can't sing. I'm really not that special at much, but the one thing I had an "accidental" talent for was making women beautiful. I busted my butt for years before I even had the courage to talk about being "pro" photographer-- and then only reluctantly. I always wanted to be perfect... and I always knew I had more to learn... and never really saw myself as "good enough."

Learning how to photograph women in a beautiful manner was always my priority. It was only through thousands of hours of practice things came together. --And still to this day I scrutinize my work regularly, and I'm always looking to improve.

The one thing I've learned about boudoir photography is that it is hard. Like becoming an expert golfer, or guitar player, it requires a combination of talent, practice, and a personal (and somewhat obsessive) desire to break away from the pack.

One thing that has always made me a bit sad is hearing stories from clients who made poor photography decisions in their past. I run into this from time to time when a client books with me, and while flipping through some of my sample albums will say something along the lines of "I wanted my photos from my last session to look like that!" and it turns out they chose going to a "friend of a friend" who just started boudoir photography because they got a good "deal." Well, it's not much of a deal when your photos turn out unusable.

How can your boudoir photos be amazing? Turns out the answer is so si