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The Sexiest Lingerie Choices For Your Bridal Boudoir Session

So, you’ve decided give your groom a gift he soon won’t forget… a beautiful bridal boudoir album.  Bridal sessions are my favorite.  I prepare a little more, go over my poses a little more, and focus a bit more during a bridal session to get things perfect because these session are, well, a little more special!

Just as you prepare all the details of your wedding, as such, a bridal boudoir session needs a bit of planning, too.  Bridal sessions are unique to each women, as they should be, but I believe a bridal session should include at least a bit of bridal lingerie.  Not every woman wants their whole album “bridal,” and that’s fine, but I think its great to include a few bridal shots and poses.

Bridal is about elegance.  There are a few staples that every bridal session should include, and lots of room for imagination.

If there is one must bring item– it’s your veil!  Even if you haven’t put any more thought into planning your session, at least bring your veil.  (Which is I think is a must and a no brainer.)  Now, one issue you may run into,  is that you may be wisely planning your session a few months ahead of the wedding, and you may not yet have your veil yet… what to do?  I’ve run into this issue a few times, and if you have a bridal boutique you are currently working with, they may let you borrow a veil for the occasion.  I’ve done this!  I’ve called a local bridal shop for one of my clients, explained the situation, and the helpful store let me use one just for the session.  (Props out to The Perfect Dress )  Now, this temporary veil most likely isn’t going to be an exact match, but it will work out great for your session.  If you don’t have a bridal store to contact, ask your photographer.  He/She may have someone to lend them a veil for your shoot.

The second item to secure is a beautiful white lace bra set.  These sets are readily available, so pick something simple and beautiful– and bridely!  Again, if you don’t have, please visit a bridal lingerie retailer and invest in a purchase.  Consider it a cost of doing business.  I spend lots of time discussing wardrobe with my clients, and still have brides coming in unprepared.  Your hair may be beautiful.  Your makeup may be beautiful. Your veil may be beautiful, but white cotton logo briefs aren’t adding to the elegance of your bridal session.  (And yes, I’ve had this occur on a few occasions.)

With just those two items, I can produce a beautiful session for you.   After that, anything else is a bonus!  Well, what else, Mike?  Glad you asked, blog reader.  Bring a garter.  White hosiery.  A little bridal bouquet.  Cute white shoes… the list goes on and on.  Bridal lingerie tends to be a single occasion product, but the return on your investment is a beautiful album which will be treasured for years.  Of course, depending on your budget and desires there are numerous other lingerie options available for bridal photography, and the options seem to expand every year.   There are lots of online bridal lingerie boutiques (just hop on the Google and search for bridal lingerie.)  Agent Provocateur is a great online resource for shopping bridal lingerie.  There are also department stores that have bridal lingerie sections such as Nordstrom which give great choices and may be local to you.

Another great resource for bridal lingerie ideas are blogs!  A quick blog search will reveal some beautiful lingerie ideas that you can track down and order from anywhere.  One example would be Bridal Musings which showcases some of the most beautiful bridal lingerie I’ve seen.  Take a peek at their post showcasing Beautiful Bridal Lingerie From Fleur of England (website: Fleur of England) or another post showcasing luxury wedding garters from The Wedding Garter Co.  (website: The Wedding Garter Co.) that would be the envy of any bride.  If you have the passion for an elegant session, these items may just be a mouse click away, and can really create a stunning look.  Another option is the bridal section at where you can see tons of great items including a post showing some Lise Charmel luxury bridal wear (website: Lise Charmel.)

Those are just a few resources you can use to help plan your bridal session and create a stunning look.  With a bit of preparation you can give some extra oomph! to your bridal album that will make it a cherished keepsake.  …And please, leave the Fruit of the Looms at home!

For questions or more information about booking a bridal session with me please visit my Contact Page.

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