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The "Quarantine" Episode: A Photography To-Do List For Your Down Time With Trevor Sherwin

In this episode of The Photography Podcast With Mike Cassidy I chat with my friend Trevor Sherwin of Provocateur Images.

Trevor and I put this episode together sort of last minute-- to talk a bit about the current corona virus pandemic, and it's effect on photography. There wasn't a solid plan for this episode, and at first I thought there was going to be a talk about how everyone is in quarantine-- but it turned out to be quite different.

It's hard to keep two people from talking about what they enjoy doing, so the conversation quickly turned into an all out assault on how to keep busy and improve during this down time. We covered a lot of ground in depth-- from getting a fresh perspective on your work, to details in tweaking your website. Grab a paper and pencil and get ready to take notes! It's chock-full.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Getting a fresh perspective on your photography.

  • How to look for new ideas.

  • Is boudoir photography supposed to be "therapy" with a camera?

  • Should boudoir photographers get "emotional" with clients.

  • Being genuine to who you are is vital to success.

  • Finding your own style.

  • Photography "Experts" and "Mentors"-- use caution.

  • "Mentors" are everywhere.

  • Can "Mentors" really get you to the top?

  • Is your marketing strategy strong?

  • How marketing is like exercise.

  • Facebook ads.

  • Do you really know your hourly rate?

  • Who is your customer?

  • Are you a Mercedes or a Hyundai?

  • Getting your website in shape.

  • What does your homepage have to do with Facebook Ads?

  • What does your website say about your clients?

  • Quarantine homework assignments.

Links/Products In This Episode:


Do More Photographers -

Boosted App -

Simple Steps To Blogging -


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