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Pixieset Discount Code - Save Big

Updated: Apr 27

Pixieset client photo galleries

Hey Everyone,

Have you been running your own photography business and thinking of trying Pixieset?  I've been a user of Pixieset for a while now, and have nothing but good to say about the product.  

I was using another gallery service for a while, but it lacked great mobile support (where most clients are viewing their galleries these days...) and had a design that looked, well, like a relic of the '90s.  So, needless to say I was searching for a new (better) option for my clients.  Enter Pixieset--

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I need a system that is clean, easy, and functional for my photograph business.  Pixieset is all of those.  Its easy to use, and you can create your first gallery in literally minutes.  The interface is intuitive, and the developers regularly update the service with new features.  Once you have the basics under control, there are plenty of ways to customize to make it unique to your brand and style.   My galleries are set up as a subdomain of my website -- so it integrates seamlessly.


One feature I love about Pixieset is the watermarking.  My clients purchase images after their sessions, so image security is important to me.  We all know, however, that clients need to see their photos before they will buy!  Although there is no way to 100% prevent screenshotting of images-- Pixieset has great watermarking features which can render stolen proofs unpalatable for use by clients.

Pixieset galleries

My customers love having access to their photos on mobile devices, and interface is simply for clients to navigate, view images, share galleries with friends, and even order prints.

One great benefit to me is that the galleries can easily be shared by family members, so anyone can make purchases. During the summer I do family beach sessions. After these sessions, the gallery link can be shared with the whole extended family of the client, and everyone can order, and have prints shipped directly to them from the comfort of home. Great!


If you're here reading this post, I guess you have a good idea of all these features, already and you're looking for a great Pixieset coupon code.


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Thanks. I really appreciate you using my Pixieset promo code. Have a great time using Pixieset coupon codes!


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Pixieset - The Modern Workflow for Photographers

Let's face it. The photography industry can be competitive. Let's take a look at some common reasons why so many photographers trust Pixieset.

Pixieset is a versatile and user-friendly online gallery service designed specifically for professional photographers and can help you earn more money. It offers an array of powerful tools and features that streamline the process of managing, sharing, and selling high-quality photographs. This service aims to provide photographers with an elegant and efficient solution for showcasing their work and enhancing their online presence.

Customizable Gallery Design

One of Pixieset's key features is its sleek and customizable gallery design. The platform offers a variety of layout and style options, allowing photographers to create stunning and unique galleries that reflect their brand and artistic vision. With easy-to-navigate albums, Pixieset ensures that both photographers and their clients have an enjoyable browsing experience. Additionally, the service supports high-resolution images and provides seamless image loading for a professional and polished presentation.

Client Proofing Galleries

To enhance client interactions, Pixieset offers a client proofing feature that simplifies the process of selecting and approving images. Clients can easily provide feedback on individual photos and create their own selection of favorites. The platform also includes a built-in messaging system, allowing photographers to communicate with clients directly through the platform and stay organized.

Sell Digital Files and Beautiful Prints to Clients

Photographers using Pixieset can also take advantage of its integrated e-commerce capabilities. The service allows photographers to sell prints and digital downloads directly from their galleries, with a variety of print lab integrations available to streamline the fulfillment process. The platform also supports customizable price lists, allowing photographers to cater to different clients and markets.