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Photography Tips For Escorts: Vital Details To Make Your Escort Profile A Success.

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

A potential client's first impression are your photos. You've probably got one second to get that person engaged with your profile. It all comes down to that one second or so... then click... on to the next profile. In this fast paced "glance and a swipe" society, battles are often won or lost in a mere moment. Are you prepared?

Its a battle out there, and the most prepared will prosper. Your escort profile needs to be strong to drive clients your way. Yes, you've spent time working on your description and details, but that is all secondary. The first thing a potential client does is view the escort's photos. If you want to grow your escort business and get more customers your photography needs to be front and center on your priority list. Put down the iPhone-- it's time to invest in high end photography.

Image and presentation is everything. Are you just getting started in escorting? Or are you getting back into the game after some time? Perhaps you've recently changed your hair? Or have you lost a few pounds since you started those awesome Muai Thay classes? Time for some new photos.

As an escort your photos need to be current and on point.

Men are visual creatures. Having great photography is the foundation of a strong escort profile. The photos need to represent your style and need to draw men deeper into your profile while giving them reason to initiate the next step.

Several years ago, when I started receiving requests to do this kind of work I was curious to see how people handled their profiles. I wanted to see the style and look of the photography being used in the industry to create a product for my clients. After poking around on a few escort websites I came to the conclusion that most profiles are a mess. Plain and simple. My first thought was this was would be an easy path to success for those who chose to take it to next level and set up their profiles in a professional manner.

So, I came up with a plan, and my clients immediately saw results. I'm never one to really give away hard-earned knowledge for free, but I figured I'd take some time to help out those seeking to take their escort profiles to a new level. After shooting many escorts I put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your photo experience.

Work With The Best Available Photographer In Your Area

Sounds cliche, but I can't stress how important this is to your success. This step will take a bit research, but your career is worth it. One point to get past right up front is that the best photographer in your area will not be the cheapest.

You are a bad shopper. It's not entirely your fault, however. You've never been educated on how to shop properly. The first thing you'll have to prepare yourself to do is to put aside every bad shopping instinct you've been using your entire life. Photography isn't a price comparative industry. Don't shop by price, shop by quality. In photography, the lowest price doesn't win, more often than not choosing by lowest price will leave you losing in the end. Your clients are not going to care how much you paid for your photos, they are only going to notice how great they look, which will bring results.

Everything your clients will surmise about you will come from your photos. Mediocre photography will lower your appearance standards, and your earning potential. At the risk of repeating myself, photography is one investment in your business which will payoff with a large RIO (Return On Investment.)

What type of photographer should you seek out? Well, there are photographers who specialize in escort photography, so that may be a good starting point. If your area lacks anyone specializing in that area look for an experienced boudoir or glamour photographer.

Boudoir photographers are great for this type of work. They are typically experienced in posing women. Boudoir photographers exist in many areas of the country, so you shouldn't have trouble locating one near you-- BUT as I mentioned earlier-- there are lots of bad boudoir photographers out there, so choose wisely. There also may be an outstanding model or glamour photographer in your area which would be a great choice, as well.

Take a few hours of your day to do a bit of research to learn what makes great photography. Do a google search for local photographers and take a good look at their galleries. Which photographer's profiles really grab your attention and portray a style that suits your personality? Before you can pick a great photographer, you have to understand the basics of what great photography is. Don't look at prices... just photos. Once you find a few who's work attracts you, then you can start working on budget.

Now, as someone who works with escorts and provides a top quality product, I completely understand that for women who are starting out, the best of the best may not be immediately a budget option. What I'd say to the those just starting Put a hold on any personal material purchases at first and save up to get a digital session with your area's best. Although it may be appear to be better option to choose a mediocre photographer, this decision will impact your business.

I have worked with women who have "worked their way up" to a top-end photographer. I understand this strategy. They started with iPhone selfies, then maybe had a friend do a few shots of them, then ultimately came in for a full featured session of professional photos. This approach may work for those with little or no starting capital. Reinvest in yourself.

What will all this cost? Hard to say-- it depends on your area, location needs, makeup needs, and ultimately the skill and talents of your photographer. My guess is you'll be in the range of $500 - $1500 depending on how everything comes together and how many images you are looking to purchase.

Make Sure You Are Working With An Expert Poser.

All photographers claim to be "expert posers," but the reality is that is far from the truth. A great posing coach can position you (and the camera) to hide, or minimize, your problem areas, and to accentuate, or feature, your strong points.

If you followed my guidance above to find the best photographer in your area, you've probably got the posing covered. Photographers who are really on top of their game handle a lot more than just pointing a camera and pushing a shutter button. They are not only experts in taking photos, but they are experts in managing their client experiences, as well.

Posing is a skill that comes through experience-- it is developed over many years of taking thousands of photos, and working with hundreds of clients. Despite the claims of the newbie photographer of wanting to "empower" all her women subjects, odds are she lacks the experience to really excel in posing and managing clients. Let me tell you, there is a fine line between sexy, awkward, and just plain bad.