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Photography Tips For Escorts: Vital Details To Make Your Escort Profile A Success.

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

A potential client's first impression are your photos. You've probably got one second to get that person engaged with your profile. It all comes down to that one second or so... then click... on to the next profile. In this fast paced "glance and a swipe" society, battles are often won or lost in a mere moment. Are you prepared?

Its a battle out there, and the most prepared will prosper. Your escort profile needs to be strong to drive clients your way. Yes, you've spent time working on your description and details, but that is all secondary. The first thing a potential client does is view the escort's photos. If you want to grow your escort business and get more customers your photography needs to be front and center on your priority list. Put down the iPhone-- it's time to invest in high end photography.

Image and presentation is everything. Are you just getting started in escorting? Or are you getting back into the game after some time? Perhaps you've recently changed your hair? Or have you lost a few pounds since you started those awesome Muai Thay classes? Time for some new photos.

As an escort your photos need to be current and on point.

Men are visual creatures. Having great photography is the foundation of a strong escort profile. The photos need to represent your style and need to draw men deeper into your profile while giving them reason to initiate the next step.

Several years ago, when I started receiving requests to do this kind of work I was curious to see how people handled their profiles. I wanted to see the style and look of the photography being used in the industry to create a product for my clients. After poking around on a few escort websites I came to the conclusion that most profiles are a mess. Plain and simple. My first thought was this was would be an easy path to success for those who chose to take it to next level and set up their profiles in a professional manner.

So, I came up with a plan, and my clients immediately saw results. I'm never one to really give away hard-earned knowledge for free, but I figured I'd take some time to help out those seeking to take their escort profiles to a new level. After shooting many escorts I put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your photo experience.

Work With The Best Available Photographer In Your Area

Sounds cliche, but I can't stress how important this is to your success. This step will take a bit research, but your career is worth it. One point to get past right up front is that the best photographer in your area will not be the cheapest.

You are a bad shopper. It's not entirely your fault, however. You've never been educated on how to shop properly. The first thing you'll have to prepare yourself to do is to put aside every bad shopping instinct you've been using your entire life. Photography isn't a price comparative industry. Don't shop by price, shop by quality. In photography, the lowest price doesn't win, more often than not choosing by lowest price will leave you losing in the end. Your clients are not going to care how much you paid for your photos, they are only going to notice how great they look, which will bring results.

Everything your clients will surmise about you will come from your photos. Mediocre photography will lower your appearance standards, and your earning potential. At the risk of repeating myself, photography is one investment in your business which will payoff with a large RIO (Return On Investment.)

What type of photographer should you seek out? Well, there are photographers who specialize in escort photography, so that may be a good starting point. If your area lacks anyone specializing in that area look for an experienced boudoir or glamour photographer.

Boudoir photographers are great for this type of work. They are typically experienced in posing women. Boudoir photographers exist in many areas of the country, so you shouldn't have trouble locating one near you-- BUT as I mentioned earlier-- there are lots of bad boudoir photographers out there, so choose wisely. There also may be an outstanding model or glamour photographer in your area which would be a great choice, as well.

Take a few hours of your day to do a bit of research to learn what makes great photography. Do a google search for local photographers and take a good look at their galleries. Which photographer's profiles really grab your attention and portray a style that suits your personality? Before you can pick a great photographer, you have to understand the basics of what great photography is. Don't look at prices... just photos. Once you find a few who's work attracts you, then you can start working on budget.

Now, as someone who works with escorts and provides a top quality product, I completely understand that for women who are starting out, the best of the best may not be immediately a budget option. What I'd say to the those just starting Put a hold on any personal material purchases at first and save up to get a digital session with your area's best. Although it may be appear to be better option to choose a mediocre photographer, this decision will impact your business.

I have worked with women who have "worked their way up" to a top-end photographer. I understand this strategy. They started with iPhone selfies, then maybe had a friend do a few shots of them, then ultimately came in for a full featured session of professional photos. This approach may work for those with little or no starting capital. Reinvest in yourself.

What will all this cost? Hard to say-- it depends on your area, location needs, makeup needs, and ultimately the skill and talents of your photographer. My guess is you'll be in the range of $500 - $1500 depending on how everything comes together and how many images you are looking to purchase.

Make Sure You Are Working With An Expert Poser.

All photographers claim to be "expert posers," but the reality is that is far from the truth. A great posing coach can position you (and the camera) to hide, or minimize, your problem areas, and to accentuate, or feature, your strong points.

If you followed my guidance above to find the best photographer in your area, you've probably got the posing covered. Photographers who are really on top of their game handle a lot more than just pointing a camera and pushing a shutter button. They are not only experts in taking photos, but they are experts in managing their client experiences, as well.

Posing is a skill that comes through experience-- it is developed over many years of taking thousands of photos, and working with hundreds of clients. Despite the claims of the newbie photographer of wanting to "empower" all her women subjects, odds are she lacks the experience to really excel in posing and managing clients. Let me tell you, there is a fine line between sexy, awkward, and just plain bad.

Yes, you've got a friend of a friend and OMG she's so into photography, and TOTALLY wants to "empower" you (whatever that means...) Despite the friends good intentions, there is probably little to gain from this offer. For example, let say just because I wake up one morning and decide golf is my passion-- it doesn't mean that because I run down to my local sporting good store and buy the same clubs Tiger Woods uses I can walk on and play a PGA golf tournament. Doesn't work that way, right? Likewise, you are better off passing on enthusiastic offers from newbie photographers. Passion and enthusiasm is not a substitute for skill and experience.

Another highly overlooked aspect of a photographer is a photographers personality and communication skills. Let's face it, going in to a session with a man/woman photographer you don't know can be a bit of an awkward situation. A photographer's personality and mannerisms can also make or break a photo session. A super skilled professional will put you as ease-- without you even knowing what they're doing. When you're having fun, your photos will shine.

Always Show Up With A Plan To Represent Your Style

Are you the "Girl Next Door," The "Vixen," The "Dominatrix?" Awesome. Your photos needs to clearly demonstrate your style and personality. Once you've settled on your photographer, be sure to start the discussion about your style and the way you want the photos to look. Don't assume your photographer will know!

If you're the Girl Next Door, and plan on coming in with a simple few outfits of jeans & t-shirts just to do some simple, flirty images-- let the photographer know. Likewise, if you are looking to put a harder edge on your shots with more nudity, etc., that's a discussion to have with your photographer before your session date so everyone's visions are in line.

You may not really know what kind of "style" or "image" you're trying to create. And that's OK! If you have previous photos, or sample photos you've found online, share them with the photographer so she/he can have an idea of your expectations. This simple step can really stop your session from veering off and not giving you the type of results you wanted.

Likewise, if you are in the process of having your photo shoot and aren't sure if what the photographer is shooting is exactly what you had in mind be sure to 1) stop right there and talk about it. There could just a be a simple lack of communication which is easily corrected. 2) Ask to take a peek at the frames on the back of the photographers camera to see if what she/he is capturing is exactly what you want. Discuss and make any changes needed.

One tip here: Your session does not have to veer in the direction of blatant sexuality to create a strong response. If this is your first session, or you are uncertain of what type of results you really want-- keep it simple and sophisticated.

Use A Great Location

Photo by Antonio Caverzan on Unsplash

So, would you say your escorting often takes place often in a dark photo studio? Errr, probably not-- so why would your photos represent you in that environment? Wonky photography backgrounds have their weird charm if you want you photos to look like you came from a Sears portrait studio (which you certainly don't.) 😀

Your escort photos should to be environmental. Your environment will say a lot about the quality of your work.

Be sure to ask your photographer where your session will take place. (You can probably get a good idea buy viewing her/his gallery photos.) Your photographer may have her/his own studio which may be already set up for boudoir or glamour photography. That's great. Some studios have bedroom vignettes or other environmental areas to take photography. Be sure to ask!

One thing you want to avoid: As mentioned earlier... when your friend of a friend offers to donate his basement "studio" where you'll be standing in front of a strung up bed sheet to shoot your "killer" shots. If it isn't super apparent where the photo location will be, start asking questions.

If your photographer does not have a suitable location... it's time to take action. One option is you can rent a local upscale hotel room. Another option is to use Airbnb and see if there are any suitable local rentals which will fit the part of your photography needs. Renting an entire home/apartment can certainly start to get pricey-- depending on where you live, but if you have a friend who can split the costs, it may be a viable option. The bonus is-- after your session you may have a cute place for a bit of a single night getaway.

Always Use Pro Makeup & Hair

Always? Always. This should seem obvious, but unless you, yourself, are a professional makeup artist... have one present at your session. Do not attempt to do you own makeup for your session if you are not a makeup pro. Your photos will be around for a long time. Much like photography, camera-ready makeup is an art, and best left to the pros. Makeup & hair is not the place to skimp.

Most photographers will have a makeup artist available for sessions. If not, do a Google search to find an independent makeup artist in your area. You can often get your hair & makeup done on-site, or even at your home pre-session. If you have to outsource this item and get it done yourself, you'll probably be investing in the range of $150 for a full on-site hair and makeup session.

Bring A Lot Of Stuff!

This is the fun part. My hunch is you probably have a lot of lingerie on hand, already. Bring it! Having a photo session is a lot of fun, and it never hurts to bring all your favorites along. From simple to sexy-- your session should have a bit of everything.

I have all my woman bring dresses. The tighter, the better. Sexy dresses are great for escort sessions. Try to keep them a simple single color. Another great item to bring along is your favorite pair of jeans. Jeans are universally sexy-- and everyone has a pair of jeans. Posing with jeans and a t-shirt, or even jeans and a bra can be some of the most alluring shots in your arsenal.

What next after that? Well, the sky is really the limit. Escorts sessions typically have a few sets of lingerie photos, so bring some of your favorite lingerie outfits. Bra sets are universally cute for photo session. Be sure to bring a long at least two or three. Corsets, stockings, garters-- bring them all.

I think ya'll get the idea, here so I won't get too into it. Have fun and bring along all your favs. There's one important thing to keep in mind about your selections-- which brings us to the next section.

Don't Skimp On Your Lingerie

I see a lot of women coming through my doors, which is great, but I have noticed a trend over the past few years--which isn't so great. Cheap Amazon lingerie.

Online shopping has become the primary way many people now make their purchases. With a few clicks your items can show up at your doorstep the very next day-- and one trip to a shopping mall saved! This is great, because there are so many options available to today's shoppers. If you live in a small town or rural area you have access to brands and styles which only a few years ago, you didn't.

The downside to all this choice, is well... sometimes there's too much choice. While lingerie is good, super cheap lingerie-- well, not so much. For the true lingerie fan, this won't be an issue, but not every woman is so be a bit careful when making your purchases.

Let me break it to you-- maybe it's just me-- because I'm exposed to it all the time, but that $8 lingerie set from Amazon, although a good deal, looks pretty... cheap. I can tell! A normal guy may not notice, or perhaps not really care, but I can. And it makes a difference in your photos. One thing that makes me grit my teeth is after all the prep and hair & makeup-- my client is looking stunning, and she walks in with a cheap, badly fitted lingerie.

Don't do that! Wear your best. The photos are going to be around a long time.

Inexpensive lingerie has it's place, but it's probably not showcasing your business. Save the $3 Amazon Chinese thong for lounging around home on a Sunday.

I know! Lingerie can be expensive. Here's the thing. You don't need tons of items to impress. For your photos select of your best items. If need be... buy... then return. 😀

Don't Forget The Accessories...

Don't forget the accessories: necklaces, rings, ear rings, body jewelry, etc.-- and the most important of all-- shoes! Bring your cute shoes. I have some women that bring along an entire suitcase... just for shoes. Shoes are great. I love them. Although they not be in every shot, a pair of heels is just the pairing to a pair of stockings and will push your shots to the next level. Bring them!

Bring Out Your Inner Vixen

Photo sessions can be, well, a bit intimidating. Standing in front of a camera is not something people do every day. The fact that you may be wearing little to no clothing can make it even more of a stressful prospect.

The truth of the matter is, photo sessions are really fun. There may few a few nerves at first, but if you are with a good photographer she/he will coach you through the entire session and the only thing you'll really need to focus on is having a good time.

Once you get settled on your session day, it's time to bring out your inner vixen. It's time to slip into your role. Odds are, "at home" Janie is a bit of a different woman than "out on the town" Janie. Let "out on the town" Janie do her thing during the photo shoot and have a blast. One thing I always tell my clients is you can always decide to not use photos that you've taken... but you can't go back in time once you're sitting at home looking at your proofs a week later thinking, the photographer was right, these shots look great I should have done those implied nude shots.

Enjoy yourself and do your sexy best-- and most importantly have fun.

Don't worry about looking perfect. Everyone has their flaws. Photo sessions are not about being perfect. No one is! In this day and age we have a magic tool called Photoshop which can cure lots of little imperfections.

One other tip: Get a good night's rest before your session. Photographers can fix a lot of things in your photos, but a tired face isn't one of them.

"Afterglow" Photos

Several years ago I was asked about afterglow photos, and got a quick education about them. Some women like to include afterglow photos in their escort profiles, and why not, if it suits your style.

What's an afterglow photo? We'll an afterglow photo is a photo taken at or during the process of climax. When done properly they can really add drama to your profile.

I started doing afterglow photos a few years ago, and I'll give you the lowdown so you can be prepared to get your own. There are two ways afterglow photos can be achieved: Simulated or real.

Are you a good actor? You can put your acting skills to the test! The most common way to get cute afterglow photos is to simply lay back on the bed with your head propped up on pillows and give it your best shot. Take a few moments to get into the right state of mind, and start taking shots. Take a few test shots and review them with the photographer (on the camera back.) You'll be able to get a preview, and be honest about what you see. Make any small adjustments necessary and keep working at it. If you can convincingly display that look at the point of orgasm... you've got it! But beware! This takes more practice than you think.

You may be in a situation where you won't be able to see your shots till after your session is completed and you gain access to your proofing gallery. This makes things harder because of the lack of immediate feedback. If this turns out to be the case in your session, remember... you can still try this method, and you can always discard the proofs if they don't look the way you look. Take what you've seen, and practice for next time!

After doing this type of shot for years there's one thing I've learned. It's a lot tougher than you think to fake it! Some of the funniest times I've had with my clients is laughing along with them while reviewing their afterglow photos. This really is fun to do. This seems to be a bit harder to pull off with a genuine look than most women think. There are a lot of women who say "I can do that, no problem," and when they view the results, well, it's not quite what they want.

The second way to get this shot done is, well, a bit more real. There are a few ways this can be accomplished. Some of my clients bring along their favorite vibes, or if they notify me ahead that we'll be including afterglow photos, I'll bring along a few vibrators for the occasion. Vibrator photos are really popular now in the boudoir world, anyway, so typically we'll do a series of photos using the vibrator leading up to the moment of climax.

I've found that the easiest path to great afterglow photos, though, is a pair of vibrating undies. If you are serious about your afterglow photos, pick up a good pair of vibrating undies. Jump in the sheets and get things started on a low to medium speed and let things build gradually. My preference is to do these laying prone on the back with your head propped up on pillow, but I have done it on hand and knees (doggy-style) with the woman looking forward with great results, as well.

It typically only take a few minutes, and if the photographer is on the ball, the results are a lot more genuine (naturally. 😀)

Afterglow photos are really fun to do, but of course they're not for everyone. If you are uncomfortable about the idea, the results won't be super successful. For those, however, who are up for the thrill of something a bit more erotic on their profiles, an expertly done afterglow photo may just be the thing.

Tip: From my experience, woman are all unique, so are their results. Not everyone is so dramatic during an orgasm, but the fun of it is you may not know until you try. If you happen to be one of the natural "sultry-look" orgasmers... cheers! These photos can be extremely alluring and can be well worth the effort in terms of results.

Do A Strip Tease

A strip tease is a great addition to an escort profile-- but with maybe a bit of a twist. Remember what I said earlier-- men are visual creatures. I have my women bring in a favorite sexy (a.k.a. tight) dress and take it from there.

For example, if we're using a cute red dress. I have her also bring matching red undies and we do photos of a bit of a voyeuristic strip tease. I may position the client near a bed or a window and have her slowly slide the dress off and do several shots of her undressing. She's not really looking into the camera-- but the impression when looking at the photos are that the viewer is looking in on a woman's private moments and seeing her undress. They're cute!

Take that scenario and add a bit of my secret editing fairy dust magic and *Boom* you've got an incredibly sexy series of photos that is super alluring. The strip tease is always client favorite.

This scenario can also be very good with jean, or almost any outfit. Use your imagination. Lately, I've even had requests to do this with leggings.

Get Ready To Repeat

Once you've completed your session and posted your new photos you should see an immediate result from your new images. If you've found a photographer that worked out well for you-- keep in touch-- odds are you'll be going back.

Its great plan to update your shots every year or so. If you stay in contact with your customers and send them emails or texts, it doesn't hurt to include photos just for your clients. You'll need some fresh material to send out.

Additionally, if you change your hair color or style dramatically, or lose a noticeable amount of weight, etc., it's time to freshen your photos. Additionally, some women just like taking photos and having new, fresh shots to update to their social media profiles.

This definitely is an investment throughout the course of the year, but re-investing in yourself will help your business grow.

Cut It Off and Blur It Out

One frequent request in escort photos to shoot headless. Headless? We'll, this idea stems from the fact that many women escort part time on weekends or evenings, while heading out every morning to their regular 9-5's. This creates a situation where they want to maintain some separation in their two careers.

One way to manage this has been to anonymize photos by not photographing heads, or taking all shots only showing the back of a head, etc. This is an area where I can't advise you on what may be the best solution for you, but what I tell my clients is this-- you can't add cropped heads back on, but you can always take them off.

You can certainly take all your photos in a standard fashion, and then afterward crop off or pixelate any parts you feel may be necessary. This is not a difficult activity-- as a matter of fact its built into most smart phones. One you receive your final photos save a copy of all your shots in an "originals" folder on your laptop or PC, and make a copy of that to perform any edits you need.

At this point you can go through the copies and crop off your head, or pixelate (blur out) any regions you feel necessary. You are in control and you can publish the photos when you are satisfied with the way they look, all the while the original unedited copies are safe. For example, if your profile site doesn't allow bare breasts, you can pixelate them and still generally preserve the look of the photo.

If you have your photographer shoot all the photos in your session "pre" chopped off-- there's no going back. Likewise, if you have your photographer auto crop off heads, or pixelate areas, you may not be pleased with the results.

Learning how to do this yourself is relatively simple, and worth the effort. If possible get all your photos as shot, and do you own head-cropping and "blurring" to taste.


Well, there are some of my favorite photography tips for escorts. That's a lot of info, but a lot rides on the success of your photos. With a bit of research you can locate the top photographers in your area, and work to get stunning photos which will get you immediate results on your profile.

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