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OMG! Do I Really Have To Chat With My OnlyFans Subs?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Do you really have to chat with your OnlyFans subs? Um, yes. Here's why...

First, who am I, and why am I so right about this? Well, good question. I've worked with dozens and dozens of women creating content for their OnlyFans profiles, and along the way I've learned a thing or two. I've worked with woman who run the range from small to quite large followings, and from newbies to veterans. I've seen the steps women have taken to grow their followings and find more success than they thought they'd ever have.

You may even call me a bit of an expert on the subject. 😊

It seems when I am working with a client in my photography business who is targeting her photo session to OnlyFans, the session can be as much business strategizing as it is posing for photos. --And that's a good thing.

There's a lot more to becoming a successful OnlyFans creator than you may initially think. In many ways its not much different than running any other kind of business. You want to know the first big fail? --Many women believe that OnlyFans is easy. ...It's not. There's ongoing work involved to build-- and keep-- your following. You can spend hours talking about what it takes to succeed, but in this post we're going to be talking about something simple... chatting.

This post is about chatting with your OnlyFans subscribers, and how not doing this can be a mistake which can cost you in the long run.

I know... I know. You've always ignored your followers. You've ignored them on TikTok. You've ignored them on your Instagram. Heck-- that's what being a Gen Z'er is all about... ignoring people! 😂

Well, this approach on OnlyFans may cost you. Imagine this...

Say you are a big movie fan, and you have a favorite actor you've admired for a long time. As luck happens to have it, you wind up in the same restaurant one night as your favorite actor (OMG! he's so hawt! 🔥🔥.) You see him sitting by the bar chatting with a few people. Your BFF talks you into going over to say hi to him. Your anxious, but you get up, walk over to the bar where he is-- excited to tell him you love his movies... and OMG maybe get a selfie! He makes eye contact with you, and you start telling him how you love his movies, and suddenly you realize he's looking the other direction not paying any attention to you, he mumbles, "Uh-huh. Yeah," and turn and walks away from you mid-sentence...

That would be fairly deflating, wouldn't it?

You may feel a little hurt. Your opinion of that actor may change, and you may even stop going to his movies..

On the other hand... if the actor gave you just a moment of his time and attentively listened, genuinely expressed he was very grateful (not just offering up a two syllable response) and thanked you for your support-- and even took a selfie with you(!) this story would have quite a different ending than the previous one, huh? You may have a story to retell for the rest of your life!

Well, here's the thing...

In many ways you are that "famous actor" in your role as OnlyFans creator. You can choose to give a few genuine minutes to a subscriber and really make them feel like part of your community, and have a fan for life. --Or you can choose to throw out a two-syllable "K. Thx." response to a DM your subscriber spent a few anxious minutes putting together for you... or even worse... you can choose to ignore the subscriber all together.

Remember, this subscriber has probably followed you on Instagram, and made his way over to your OnlyFans page, likely plopped down a few dollars to join your page and his thanks is being ignored.

One thing you have to understand, is that to many of these guys you are a hot-ass woman that they would never get a chance to interact with in real life. You're their movie star.

Getting subscribers isn't always so easy. It's a lot easier to keep a subscriber than to get a new one. Let me tell you, odds are that when renewal time comes around, those dollars can wind up going to another creator.

Remember-- there are thousands of creators who are vying for those OnlyFans dollars.

It sounds simplistic, but chatting works.

Here's my tale. I know how difficult it can be to grow an OnlyFans subscriber base. As I mentioned, I've been around enough creators to hear the stories. (And OnlyFans doesn't exactly make it easy to find anyone within their site.) I'm active enough on Instagram that I run across women working hard to send traffic to their OnlyFans accounts. I'll go and check out pages on occasion, and see what's going on.

I've seen simple issues where women have bad profile header images, and I think, Oh, that's an easy fix I can make her a header, and will create a professionally designed one with the correct dimensions. I will send a simple note stating that I enjoy their page, they are doing a good job, and I design headers and I took a few moments to do one for you and attached it in the DM. I've been completely ignored. I've received the dreaded "k thx." To be fair, I've also received "Wow, that was amazing of you to do..."-type responses, as well.

I don't take these negative responses personally, but as you look around these profiles, they tend to be ones with fewer comments and interaction. And generally they are not the most vibrant of communities. I, personally, would tend not to want to stick around, and I would generally believe these pages have a much higher rate of turnover.

So, I've witnessed this type of treatment first hand.

So, What Should You Be Doing As An OnlyFans Host?

Well, if your account shows more "exclusive" type of content, I'm sure you have heard "Men can go see nudity for free anywhere on the internet, why the heck are they going to pay you?" --And that's a fair enough question. Do you know why?

It's all because of just what we have been talking about. Interaction and relationships. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And yes, you may run a pretty busy page a