OMFG! This Boudoir Photographer Amazes Monmouth County Brides. Wanna See?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Hai! Getting married can be both an exciting and hectic time. Even though you may only be a bride for a day, the preparation that goes into a wedding can take years! A growing part of the planning for Monmouth County women is the inclusion of a boudoir gift as part of their big day.

Although boudoir photography isn't just for brides, it's grown to become part of the wedding for an ever increasing number of women getting married. For those thinking about taking part in a boudoir session, it may seem like just one more thing to try to fit in as part of the hectic schedule. As many will relate though, a boudoir photography session is a lot more than just a bunch of cute photos. Let's take a look...

boudoir photo of stunning blonde in black stockings and garters from the back standing by a window

Hi. I'm Michael. I'm a boudoir photographer that works with many brides every year who are looking to create incredible gifts for their wedding day. It's a special occasion! What I do is create a bit of magic, that well, really goes beyond photography-- it's something that creates a sense of joy every time you view your images... I'm talking five years...ten years into the future. It's a feeling that goes beyond words. If you're wondering why you should choose me as your photographer keep reading through this post (and spend a few minutes on my website.)

I often get asked about how to go about finding a photographer. The first thing to really understand when starting your search for a boudoir photographer is that not every photographer is created equal. Far from it. Would you say all restaurants are the same? Not quite. (Ever see Kitchen Nightmares? 😬) This is really the first mental obstacle to get past when starting your search. Boudoir photographers are as different from each other as the aforementioned restaurants-- but you could use almost anything there-- cars, hotels-- you name it-- get the idea? Just like most other goods and services, photographers come at many quality levels and styles-- it's your job to determine what works best for you.

Here is a dirty little secret about boudoir photographers. Most are bad. 🤦 An overwhelming number are bad. How can this be? Well, it's an occupation with a very low barrier to entry (and a corresponding high barrier to success.) Many people set off with the best of intentions and fail miserably. Boudoir photography is an alluring job for many, but there are only a very (really) small number that are super skilled at it. Don't be fooled. Many people get involved in boudoir photography because they believe they are "changing lives..." and it seems like it would be a fun job-- And they may be "changing lives"...but certainly not for the better. Boudoir photography is a tough job, and the number of people that excel in the craft are small.

beautiful boudoir photo of a smiling woman laying in bed in her underwear displaying her engagement ring

It was always a head scratcher to me to hear from women who put sooooo much planning and time into their weddings-- picking the perfect venues, the perfect dress, the perfect entertainment, etc.-- but the photographer they chose for their bridal gift was nothing but an afterthought. *Sigh* This a big fail.

They set out shopping for their boudoir photographer in the exact opposite way they treated their wedding search, explicitly just trying to find the lowest price they can-- and therefore that must be the winner. You didn't shop for your wedding like this, did you? You didn't merely start calling every wedding venue in the area and ask "How much to you charge?" and pick the cheapest option. You didn't really discuss the fact with your partner that Taco Bell is only $2.29/person while the wedding venue is $95/person-- so why wouldn't be we considering Taco Bell for our wedding dinner? It's cheaper! OMG!

That would be a bit strange, right? On the surface that fact is true, but cheaper isn't always the best choice in every occasion. Your wedding gift (like your wedding) isn't really something that should be left to the lowest bidder. Let me break the news to you that this gift is something that will be part of the rest of your life. Don't go picking the "Taco Bell" of boudoir photographers-- 😂😂. I've talked to many brides who have gone this route and have lived with the disappointment. Don't pick your boudoir photography by cheapest price-- ever.

When selecting your photographer use your "wedding" mindset. Ask questions. Get the details. You're only going to do boudoir once... make it worth it. (And don't cheap out... trust me.) Sadly, this is how many brides shop for boudoir. It may be their biggest mistake.