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NJs Best Booty Shots 🍑 - And Why You Need To Hire This Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Apr 5

boudoir photo of women in jeans pushing up her butt.
NJ Best Boudoir Booty Shots

Let's face it! The booty pose is an important part of any boudoir session. Secondly, trusting your bridal or anniversary boudoir session to just any New Jersey boudoir photographer is a risky gamble. Want results like these? You can get them!! Let's find out how...

Your first mistake as a potential boudoir client is not understanding the fact that all boudoir photographers are different. ...And most likely very different. Would you agree that all restaurants are the same? What about all hotels? ...Or cars? You'd understand that there is a big difference between a meal at Burger King versus what you'd get at a top of the line steak house. That seems fairly obvious to you, right?

You're not likely to jump in your car to celebrate your anniversary and have your partner say "We're going to have a romantic dinner at Burger King... it was the cheapest! How can any other restaurant stay in business when you can get a meal at Burger King for $3.99!" --Probably not. (Besides, you'd probably kill your partner if they took you there 😂.) Celebrating your anniversary isn't about searching the planet for the cheapest meal on the planet.

Does that make sense? Well, let me break this news to you. Photographers are just as different as restaurants. Likewise, if you're in the process of searching for a NJ boudoir photographer for your wedding or anniversary gift, choosing the "Burger King" of boudoir photographers isn't really what boudoir dreams are made of. She was the cheapest photographer I could find! Yeah, I know... Burger King is also the cheapest restaurant you can find... and that doesn't make it good...

If you want your booty pics to shine, it all starts with making the smart choice. Remember: Your photos are something you will have and treasure for years-- boudoir photography is about the experience and results, much like going to a nice restaurant for your anniversary dinner! It's not something you do all the time... but for that special occasion, it's well worth it.

The biggest mistake women make in boudoir is not shopping smart. See, you've been trained to shop poorly your entire life. The low price wins, right! You walk down the ice cream aisle in the grocery store weekly searching for the box tagged with the lowest price. That's determines the winner, right? Whoot! OK. You got nabbed it. But, what did you really get? You GOT the lowest price... but what is the COST? Have ever stopped to read the label of that "bargain." Hydrogenated oils. Carrageenan Gum. High Fructose Corn Syrup. Mono And Diglycerides... and on and on. It's not even food! You can leave the God-damn carton out on your counter over night and it doesn't even melt!!! 😂😂 BUT this is your idea of a good deal, huh! Stop it!

Here's the scary truth in life. The lowest price frequently doesn't "win" in shopping and in universe of photography never wins. Scarily, though, there are some women so programmed to this shopping method they can't see any further than the "price"-- and more important than what they are getting is the idea of paying less.


boudoir pose of a woman's booty in white lingerie

My business has always been run a bit differently, and is based on creating amazing results and experiences for my clients. I've never been about cutting corners. When I first started my business years ago I wasn't certain what to expect. Relative to other photographers I charged a lot, but I knew what I wanted to produce for my clients and it came at a cost. I wanted top quality albums my clients could treasure for years. I wanted to use the best of makeup artists and locations-- and to my surprise, women responded.

Before long women were lined up to come work with me. I learned that given the choice and the knowledge women would choose something better.

This brings us to the booty shot! I think every album needs one! They are historically client favorites...and really fun to do! Whether standing, kneeling, or laying down, there are many options and variations for this clients favorite, from demure to down-right sexy. And the fun part of a boudoir session is you can tailor your session and your poses to exact fit your style.

The moral of the story is that your 🍑 is worth more than the lowest bidder. The booty shots below are loved by the clients and will be enjoyed for years. In the end, you are worth it.

Below are some recent booty shots that are my favorites. (If you're curious you can find more right in my galleries.) Which ones do you like best?

For more information about working with me, and scheduling your boudoir session you can visit my Contact page.


drop dead booty pose of woman in reg lingerie

stunning boudoir pose of woman in black lingerie

booty pose of blonde woman in lingerie

NJ boudoir photographer booty pose of gorgeous woman in black lingerie

boudoir pose of perfect ass in fishnet stockings

blonde woman in lingerie from behind with cute ass

sexy boudoir shot of a womans ass with handcuffs behind her back

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