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Meeting New Jersey's Best Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

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Top NJ Boudoir Photographer

Hi everyone. My name is Michael and I am an expert boudoir photographer who works with wonderful women from all across New Jersey and the NYC area.

Thanks for stopping by. Have you been searching for NJ's top boudoir photographer?

I may be a bit biased with my point of view on the best boudoir photography studio in New Jersey 😀, but I'm guessing if you're visiting this post you are in the process of searching for your perfect match.

Choosing the right photographer can be a daunting task! I know! I've written extensively on the subject of how to shop for a boudoir photographer. I thought I'd take a moment to give you a few simple guidelines from an expert (me!) to help you make the process as smooth as possible.

Whether it's for your wedding, an anniversary, or even just for you-- boudoir sessions are growing in popularity each year. I've photographed hundreds of women, and I've also talked to many women who have had boudoir sessions, and I'll share some valuable insight here for you today.

My obsession is providing a great client experience with unsurpassed results. I really pour my heart into every client to deliver amazing images-- which in my opinion cannot be beat. (Visit my one of my boudoir galleries to see for yourself.) One of my motivations is seeing the smile on clients faces after they see their photos, and that's really the payoff for me.

The tricky part is not all boudoir photographers are created equal, nor do they operate with the same level of quality or dedication to their craft. I've run into my fair share of horror stories, and want to do my best to prevent you from having a boudoir mishap. Below are a few guidelines to help you have a great and memorable session like I enjoy providing my clients.


The first thing is you want to give yourself plenty of time before your gift is needed. How much? Well, that may depend on the time of year. Typically, spring and the time leading up to Christmas are the busiest of the year. If you've had a last moment inspiration to give a boudoir session to your husband two weeks before Christmas... it may get a bit difficult. Likewise, early spring, when lots of women choose to get married, can also be a busy time for boudoir photographers.

If you a planning your session for a wedding, you should be settled on your photographer 2-3 months before you need products in hand. The time leading up to your wedding can be a hectic time, so I personally think it's best to get the session out of the way as early as possible.

Not only that, after your session is completed, it still may take a few weeks to process your images, another week or so or you to make your selections, and don't forget about the time involved in sending out your beautiful wedding album for printing and binding! That, in and of itself, may take another 2 weeks or so before your final product is in hand. It can take a while!

All these little things may add up to 4 - 6 weeks, alone. The last thing you want is to be scrambling to take photos in the week or two before your ceremony and crossing fingers that the starts align and you have the album for your wedding.

Not only that-- brides tend to be more stressed, and seem to be sleeping a lot less with the stresses of work and preparation in full stride. Tired and stressed is not a cute look in a boudoir album! Trust me! I've seen it.

If you are doing the session for an anniversary, or some other purpose, you may not need to give yourself quite as much time, but you can never be too soon for your event. Boudoir albums don't expire-- you can take care of your session early and tuck it away in a safe place until the day of the big surprise.

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New Jersey Boudoir Photographer


Ah, budget. How many emails do I get that run along the lines of "All I want to know are your prices... can you send me a price list." The price shopper. I get it.

We are all programmed from a young age to equate a time and energy spent trying to find a low price as a "winning moment."

Not to get too involved in the subject, but price is only one consideration of overall cost.

I know how it works. You walking down the ice cream aisle in the grocery store, just craving some great chocolate ice cream, vigilantly scanning the prices... "$6.49.... $4.79......$5.99.....$2.79...WINNER!" You reach in to the freezer and grab the $2.79 container, throw it in your cart, and move on in your shopping thinking that you've just won the ice cream aisle.

Have you? The funny thing is how people are so programmed to think that somehow the lowest price is the winner-- so much so that they don't even consider any other factors in their purchase.

As a matter of fact, processed food manufacturers have known this for years, and know it so much so, that they will do anything it takes to put the lowest price on the label. That's why your snack chip bag is getting smaller and smaller. That's why your package of ice cream is no longer a half gallon, your yogurt is no longer a cup, etc,, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.

Your grocery food keeps getting smaller and smaller! Not only that, people pay absolutely no attention to what is actually in the box they are buying. I can pretty much guarantee you that $2.79 container of "ice cream", isn't actually even ice cream! You've purchased a bunch of corn syrup, which is infused with so much air and chemical stabilizers to keep it puffed up...that when left on a counter over will be in exactly the same shape the next morning!