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New Jersey Womens Fitness Photography

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Results Driven Commercial Fitness Portraits For Your Business or Social Media.


Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a womens portrait photographer who works with from from all over the New Jersey area.

As a womens portrait photographer I get approached from time to time to photograph some interesting projects. A few years ago I started working with some local fitness professionals looking for high quality imagery to promote their brand and business. It seemed to be a natural fit for my line of work– although it has a slightly different approach.

Fitness professionals are a dedicated group– much like myself! There is a lot of energy and dedication that goes into becoming an expert personal trainer, a master yoga instructor, fitness competitor or professional. It's definitely a group that isn't willing to settle when it comes to becoming the best in their fields, so, likewise, they shouldn’t settle when it comes to their representing their brand.

Womens fitness photography is a bit of a specialized field. Out of this need was born a bit of commercial fitness photography targeted toward those looking to showcase their unique style– while positively promoting their business or company.

Typically these sessions take place right on location in your home gym or studio, and include professional makeup, and editing for the perfect impression. Each session is uniquely tailored to a clients needs.

If you are located within New Jersey, and would like to learn more about promoting your business, or discuss your project, please send me a note via my contact page.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you soon!


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