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Juggling Boudoir Photography With Your Full Time Career With Angela Bagley

Updated: Jun 23

In this episode of The Photography Podcast With Mike Cassidy I talk with Angela Bagley of After Dark Boudoir.

Long time boudoir & portrait photographer Angela Bagley and I have a great chat about boudoir photography and what it takes to juggle your full time career and a passion for photography.

In her own words...

"I started with a genuine love for photographs, old black and whites I would find at my grandma’s etc but my kids sparked the love for making photographs and the lack of skilled local photographers were showing in the products I was paying good money for!! I bought my first “Good” camera in 2007 when I graduated nursing school and that's where it all began..."

In addition to her boudoir photography business, she also has a full time nursing career.  This episode covers a lot of ground from Angela's beginnings shooting school portraits to her transition to her real passion of boudoir-- all the while taking steps to manage her career along side her passion of photography.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What's going on with Instagram?

  • Instagram for local results.

  • Is Instagram's reach falling?

  • Hashtags for boudoir photographers.

  • Is a Facebook Page still worth it?

  • The current state of school photography.

  • Shooting boudoir in private homes.

  • Easing a client into a session.

  • Balancing boudoir and a full time career.

  • Getting clients to allow use of photos as samples.

  • Using models to practice boudoir.

  • Using your client email list to grow sample sessions.

  • Building your advertising-- and building brand awareness.


You can download and listen to this latest episode on Apple Podcasts, Podbean or wherever fine podcasts are sold.

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