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How To Create An OnlyFans Header 2022

Updated: Apr 23

A well designed OnlyFans Header Image
A well designed OnlyFans header image

You know the saying... "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Due to some of the shortcomings of the OnlyFans platform, this statement has never been more applicable to your OnlyFans header.

The header you create for your OnlyFans page is vitally important. It has to tell the story of your page, and can be a big part of what may cause someone to click... or not click... on your profile. Those clicks lead to subscribers. Those subscribers lead to dollars.

We all know that the search function on OnlyFans is not great, so how are people finding you? You may be sending people directly to your page from other social media, such as Instagram or Twitter. If you're lucky you may end up in the "Suggestions" section of a potential subscriber. That's where your header needs to shine. Your header needs to be impressive enough to cause those click.

Is yours up to the challenge?

It's surprising to me when I browse through OnlyFans to see how many women put little to no thought in creating their OnlyFans header image. I see headers with unidentifiable zoomed in body parts. Headers with chopped off heads or limbs. --Or even header images where you don't even have an idea of what you're looking at!

Think of it like this... Say you're going out to a club tonight. You'd take the time to do your makeup and hair. Find a cute dress. You want to look your best. Right? We'll your OnlyFans header is that. It needs to be you at your best. It's the thing representing your business!

Sound like something you may want to know about? Let's get started!

A poorly thought out header image. Does this make you want to see more?

OnlyFans Header Images Can Be Tricky

The truth is your header image can be a bit tricky to navigate. The sizes are funky, and odds are that cute smelfie you took of yourself with your iPhone may not squeeze into that space looking quite the way you want it to... I get it! On top of that your header image is going to change in dimensions a bit based on where its viewed... desktop vs mobile.

Personally, I think most people are using OnlyFans on their mobile devices, so that's a good baseline size to use for your image.

The image size I am using now for header images is 1462w x 408H (3.58 to 1.)

You can use a 731W x 204H, but I prefer to upscale and my headers larger than needed. The photos I am using for my clients tend to be high resolution and are fine in larger sizes.

OnlyFans seems to change their layout from time to time, so if you are reading this post at some point in the future, please check to see if these details are still accurate.

I personally prefer upsizing my headers... Ultimately your images are smushed down a bit by compression and resizing, it's easier to take a larger image and make it smaller, than a smaller image and blow it up-- which can start to look blurry and pixelated.

If you are using an Iphone or a newer Andriod phone, your mobile device camera certainly has enough pixels to snap a good header, even if you are cropping it down a bit.

Horizontal (Landscape) Vs Portrait Style Header Images?

There is no right answer here. In a pure sense, taking a photo of yourself in a prone position (like the top image in this post) is the easiest and will most likely crop down to include all (or most) of you in your header. Some say it may be the most effective. This type of shot is a little tricky to do by yourself, but if you are rocking a phone stand and are quick enough with a timer to jump into position, or have a friend who may be able to snap a few shots of you, these landscape oriented shots fill the header nicely and a good presentation for your page.

Take a sample shot, and you can re-adjust as needed. Leave a bit of empty space all around for the website cropping that will occur.

Portrait oriented images get a bit more tricky... especially for a single shot. That's where you are going to run into difficulty. An image (like the one below) may have looked cute after you took it with your iPhone, but as a header, it's a "no go."

It may have looked cute on your phone, but single portrait shots are usually a "no-go" for header images

Portrait style images are ok, though, if used in a mosaic-style header. This arrangement may be a bit trickier for someone just starting out to assemble themselves. Some people prefer the mosaic-style header as it can include multiple images and offer a better representation of what your page is about. I personally like the 3-Up or 4-Up style with OnlyFans headers because it gives the viewer a chance to see of few different photos of creator.

The above header was made for Isabelle Grace, with a few of her favorite shots in a simple 3-Up style mosaic. (Artwork is copyright of the creator. They are not my photos.) The mosaic style does have it's own inherent drawbacks, too, such as in List View it will get chopped down a bit, however, if someone is adding you to a List, odds are they have already found your account. This is a clean simple design where the creator can express a few different looks to best represent their profile.

One obstacle to most header designs is if you get in the "Suggested" section, OF puts your profile pic smack dab in the middle left side of your header, which obliterates pretty much most header designs, so there isn't one best solution for every part of OnlyFans.

Should I Add Text To My OnlyFans Header?

This is more a matter of preference than a right or wrong. If you have some skill designing headers, and the image has a clean area where text can be placed, then go for it! If the text is getting clipped in one of the many OnlyFans resizings your header goes through, or your photo doesn't have a clear space where the text is clearly readable... don't do it.

OMG Is This Really That Important?

Um, yes. And it can be the difference in why some profiles can generate $10K plus per month, and some may only make $25. Think of it like going to a hotel for your vacation. If you walk in the front desk people aren't helpful, the room is overly dark, has a weird smell, and the bed sheets obviously aren't clean-- would you say that hotel is really making an effort to position themselves as a luxury brand? Would you feel good about spending $350 per night?

Brand positioning is a big part of what separates many accounts. The subject of branding is beyond the scope of what I am going to cover in this post, but I suggest you take some time to read up on it.

Much like all hotel rooms aren't created equal, neither are all OF accounts. Ask yourself, why does someone go and pay $80K for a Lexus when they can get a Hyundai for $23K? They are both going to get you to the grocery store... so why in the world would someone pay three times the price for another car? --But they do! Right?

Your brand starts at your profile image. It's the front door to your business. It's setting the tone for what comes next, and what clients should expect. If your profile looks like a mess... don't expect people to treat you (and pay) like a luxury brand.

In some way if you don't take it seriously, you can potentially be missing out on a lot. This is just a part of what separate some accounts from 1000s of followers vs 10 followers. Or-- some accounts getting $50 per PPV message vs. $5 per PPV message. The differences are real.

AND if you are doing OK... you can be doing better. It's all a matter of what you want, and how willing you are to work for it.

How do I know? I've been helping my clients with their OnlyFans accounts for several years... and after talking with lots of creators that cross my path, I have a pretty good idea of how the system works.


I'm on OnlyFans quite a bit. I enjoy browsing through accounts to see what people are doing-- what is working for them and what isn't. I will see creators putting in the effort to make content, but their header images are left as an afterthought.

There have been times I've been browsing profiles and have come across someone who could use some header help-- and I've made them a clean workable header, and sent them a few options... for free... just to help!

Why? Because I know and understand the challenges of running a profitable OnlyFans account, and no detail is too small to separate you from the competition. It's war.

The interesting thing is after the gesture I'll sometimes receive no response (which is another entire issue which you can read about in this post-- OMG! Do I Really Have To Chat With My OnlyFans Subs), or possibly just a "K thx." with no follow up questions asking for image changes, and no use of the header. --And that's OK! If someone's happy with what they've got... more power to them.

The truth of the matter is many of these creators don't understand the value of a well designed OnlyFans header, and how it can be one step toward upping their business. I don't take it personally.

You're here reading this post because you're looking to start taking that step into improving your existing account-- or getting yourself off on the right foot if you are a new creator. Kudos to you! The better educated you are in regards to operating your business, the greater you increase your chance of success.

Keep it simple. Create a header with the appropriate dimensions. Test it on your mobile device, and PC to make sure your face is clearly visible.

Looking for some honest feedback on your header design? Hit me up. I'm happy to give you an opinion. You can reach out to me on my OnlyFans page, my Instagram Page, or even here on my website.

Show me what you got!! 😀 --And as always, have fun doing it!

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