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Here's Why New Brunswick, NJ Women Choose This Boudoir Photographer-- Not A Secret Any Longer.

Updated: May 11

boudoir photo of beautiful woman in bed in lingerie
New Brunswick NJ area boudoir photography

Your wedding is a big deal. The memories from that day will last a lifetime. As more and more New Brunswick area women are making a boudoir session part of their wedding, the stakes have gone up!

Your wedding boudoir album will be part of your memories for years, and like every other part of your wedding-- it's needs to be perfect. In short, those looking for a New Brunswick boudoir photographer often wind up with me!

So where to start? Well, right off the bat the first thing that needs to be made clear... You wouldn't feed your wedding guests chicken nuggets because it was the cheapest thing you could find. Right? Likewise, finding the best photographer for the job isn't about scanning photographers websites to search for the lowest price. This is a fatal mistake made all to often by uneducated shoppers.

Your wedding is something special. You don't go out and spend a bundle on a party often... but a wedding is a special occasion and it's about doing things right-- The perfect dress. The perfect venue. --All coming together to create the perfect wedding. The wedding boudoir session should be treated in the same manner.

"Yeah, Mike, but all photographers are the same... right?" Well...not exactly. Would you say all restaurants are the same? Or how about hotels? You think you'll get the same level of service and quality staying at a Motel 6 versus a weekend in a Ritz-Carlton? Not quite.

Likewise, photographers are all really very quite different. Just because because two photographers shoot boudoir, doesn't mean they are even remotely the same. The second thing you need to really get a grip on is exactly how different photographers are... just keep thinking about that hotel example from the previous paragraph. I know you've been programmed (errantly) to believe the lowest price wins, but just keep telling yourself that McDonalds is a very different experience than The Frog And The Peach.

So, for your wedding boudoir do you think you want chicken nuggets? Or are you worth more?

boudoir photo of a woman in a bed wearing fishnets

Sorry to be a bit over the top here, but it's always been important to me to help women from making poor choices with their photography. My goal has always been not only to provide stunning results, but an amazing experience that will be remembered for years.

I work a bit differently than others... I wasn't certain if my obsession with perfection would be appreciated by others... but before long I had a list of women waiting to come and work with me. My wedding business has grown over to the years and not only covers NJ brides, but has expanded to pretty much to brides coming to me from all around the Eastern 1/3 of the United States.

Here's the thing... better is... better. You certainly don't take part in a boudoir session often, but when you do, it's something worth doing right. More and more New Brunswick women have grown to feel the same way, and as such, I often have waiting lists for bridal boudoir sessions that can extend a year in advance.

bridal boudoir in white

Although this article is just a short introduction to why you should be putting a bit more thought into your boudoir photography selection, I invite you to take a peek at my boudoir galleries and see the difference. Not only that, my boudoir blog is full of articles worth reading about how to start your search and making the right choice for your boudoir session.

I love talking about boudoir, and would be happy to help you get started on your session. If you have questions, or would like to know more about working with me for your wedding, please drop me a note.

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