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Boudoir Photos For Use In Blog Posts

Updated: Jun 20

Are you looking for boudoir photos that you can use in a blog post you are writing? I can provide a high quality boudoir image for use in your professional blog post or article written about the topic of boudoir photography.

Finding a cute boudoir photo to use in a blog post can be a bit of a hassle. First, who has time to page through thousands of photos on stock photography sites? Second, I haven't seen very many "real" boudoir photos during my time viewing stock photography sites. Most shots I've seen are studio type glamour shots, and aren't truly boudoir-style shots. Third, if you just need a single photo-- many stock sites now won't even sell a single photo, you have to pay for monthly subscriptions.

If you are writing a story on boudoir for a high quality news publication, or doing an article on boudoir photography for a reputable photography-centric blog and need boudoir photography photos for your article, please send me a note.

If your content is great, I will provide a boudoir photo for you to use in your article in exchange for a DoFollow link with my brand, Mike Cassidy Photography as the anchor text in the document. Simple. For example:

Image courtesy - Mike Cassidy Photography


An example of a DoFollow link would be:

<a href=””>Mike Cassidy Photography</a>

In addition to high quality boudoir photos for your blog, I can provide quotes or interviews, if needed.

Please contact me with details of your project on my contact page.


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