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Boudoir Photographer Available As Podcast Guest

Mike Cassidy Boudoir Photography

Looking for a boudoir photographer to talk in-depth on your podcast? Hi. My name is Michael, and I am a professional boudoir photographer and photography podcast host who is available to talk about the subject of boudoir photography on your podcast.

Boudoir photography is an exacting art that has the ability to help change lives and make women feel great about themselves. Not only that, it is probably one of the most difficult forms of photography to master.

I've been a professional boudoir and womens portrait photographer for over ten years and have photographed countless women. I work in New Jersey, and my clients visit from all around the Northeast to work with me. Not only do I love my job, I I've been on a mission to create the most beautiful photos of women possible!

I'm able to discuss all aspects of the business including: how boudoir photography empowers women, marketing, SEO, workflow, customer management, etc. Simply drop me a note on my contact page with the details of your show.

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