Are Afterglow Photos A Trend In Boudoir? -- How To Do Them Right!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

If boudoir is anything, it's constantly evolving. Shot ideas appear out of seemingly nowhere... and grow to sudden popularity. Its so trendy! I can think of several boudoir trends over the past several years including: "Under the sheets" sets, "Legs Up" type poses, and more.

One of the most recent influential events on boudoir was undoubtedly the 50 Shades Of Grey era. Remember that? I can't tell you how many women came in for their sessions toting along riding crops, masks, and other props associated with the movie and its sequel(s) ...And why not! Suddenly, my clients were showing up with accessories galore and part way through the session, when they were starting to have a bit of fun, I'd get a somewhat uncertain, "Is is OK if we do some shots with my handcuffs?"

It almost was a social signal like, It's OK to let loose and have a bit of fun. --And women heard the message.

So, you want be the first on your block to sport the next trend in boudoir none of your squad has in their albums yet? Want to take your boudoir session a step further? Well, I have just the new trendy thing for you... the afterglow photo.

The first time I heard of afterglow photos was a few years ago. I was emailing with an escort about a session and she had asked if we could include some in her session. I had no idea what that meant and did a quick search on the Google machine-- and found nothing. I thought perhaps it was a movie or something, but I really didn't give it much thought.

On session day she brought it up again, so I had to ask and told her I hadn't heard of that before. "Well..." she started, and I soon got a quick education. So, what's an afterglow photo?

Ready to learn a bit more?

What Is An Afterglow Photo?

afterglow photo
Are afterglow photos a boudoir trend?

An afterglow photo is a photo taken at, during, or immediately after the process of climax. The idea is to capture that natural "glow" and mood of the moment. Sound a bit edgy? Sure. Are they fun to do? Yup! The truth is, when done properly they can really add drama to your boudoir album. I'm hear to tell you afterglow photos may be the new trend in boudoir! Now that I've been doing afterglow photos a few years, I'll give you the lowdown so you can be prepared to get your own. First off, there are two ways afterglow photos can be achieved: Simulated or real.

Fake It Till You Make It: The Simulated Method

Are you a good actor? You can put your acting skills to the test with this pose! There isn't just one right way to get this shot, but I've found the easiest (natural?) approach to get cute afterglow photos is to simply lay back on the bed with your head propped up on pillows (like you were just laying down to take a nap) and get started from there. An alternative method I do, as well, is to lay reverse on the bed where your feet are pointing toward the headboard while on your back with perhaps your head hanging over the edge of the bed just a bit.

This shot is focused more on your facial expressions than other parts of your body, so get comfortable, and well, think of how you may typically tilt your head or position your arms during that buildup or orgasm. Take a moment to start channeling your inner Meg Ryan. After you've taken a few moments to get into the right state of mind, it's time to start taking shots.

My tip here is to take a few test shots and review them with the photographer (on the camera back.) You'll be able to get a preview, and be honest about what you see. Make any small adjustments necessary and keep working at it. Make sure your hands are properly positioned, or make any minor changes to your posture, if needed. If you can convincingly display that look at the point of orgasm... you've got it! But beware! This takes more practice than you think.