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A Super Seductive Boudoir Session in Garters and Stockings

Updated: May 25

black and white boudoir photo of a woman pulling up on her underwear while wearing stockings
Seductive Boudoir Photos in traditional stocks and garters

As a pro boudoir photographer, I'm in the fortunate position to work with wonderful women from all over New Jersey and the NYC area who come to me every year to create amazing wedding, Christmas, and anniversary gifts.

It's no secret that part of fun of a boudoir photo shoot is dressing up! Picking outfits is an important part of the experience, and choices are unique for every client that comes through my door. Often, my clients reach out to me looking for guidance on boudoir photography outfit ideas because they want to look their best during their session. No problem! I love helping.

Picking outfits can get pretty involved based on the clients vision of the session. Sometimes there is a very specific look in mind. There are clients that may want a traditional lingerie look, or perhaps a beautiful bridal boudoir styled session. Others may even be looking for maternity boudoir outfits. --Just to name a few.

Boudoir is many things to many people. You'll see certain styles of photos come and go, but one of my favorites has always been traditional lingerie sets including stockings, garter belt, and high heels. This outfit has a timeless look and gives a certain sophistication to any boudoir session-- and when photographed properly, not only are they beautiful, they can down-right sizzle. I feel this look is really one of the foundations of boudoir.

Clients often ask about bringing in such items, and I always respond with a vigorous yes! Although cinching up a pair of stocking may not be very practical in every day life, they are 100% at home in a boudoir shoot. Boudoir is the perfect place for lingerie dress up of any style.

Lingerie can get a bit involved. Not sure exactly how all these straps and tabby-things come together? No worries!! I can't even tell you how many times my clients have walked in to a shooting room after getting changed and awkwardly held out a garter strap and said "I'm not really sure how to attach these things..." Fear not! Your photographer has you covered. Once you learn the little trick-- it's easy. (And I hope you find an opportunity to use these great outfits outside of your session! 😀)

In my experience, great lingerie is a factor in having an outstanding outcome. Little details do make a difference, so don't skimp when it comes to picking your boudoir lingerie.

Below are some super sexy poses from a recent session with this classic look. Hopefully, these shots will inspire you to dress up during for your upcoming session. Feel free to use for inspiration for your upcoming boudoir session.

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boudoir photo of a woman in black stockings and garters from behind

boudoir booty in stockings

close up boudoir photo of a woman's booty wearing stockings

boudoir photo of a woman looking out a window wearing black stockings and garters

boudoir portrait of a beautiful brunette

boudoir portrait of a beautiful brunette wearing a black lingerie outfit

beautiful woman stockings and garters
Mike Cassidy Boudoir Photography. Beautiful boudoir photo of woman in stockings and garter.

beautiful boudoir in stockings and garter

black and white boudoir photo of a womans lingerie outfit

dramatic boudoir pose of a woman wearing black lingerie

boudoir photo of a woman from behind wearing black lingerie

boudoir photo of a woman leaning on a bed from behind

black and white boudoir photo of a woman from the side wearing stockings

black and white boudoir photo of a woman laying on her side pulling on her garter

boudoir photo of a woman in black lingerie laying in bed touching her hair

boudoir photo of a woman with wrist restraints on her booty

boudoir in lingerie and handcuffs

boudoir photography with hand cuffs

boudoir photo of a woman leaning forward with her hand behind her in cuffs

boudoir photo of a woman laying face down in bed with her hands restrained behind her

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