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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing A Bridal Boudoir Session!

Updated: Nov 7

a woman posing in bridal lingerie and a veil during a bridal boudoir shoot

Have you been thinking about doing a bridal boudoir session, but you're still looking for a good reason why it may be for you? --Well how about 5 good reasons to do a bridal boudoir shoot!

Boudoir photography has become an increasingly popular wedding gift idea over the past few years, and at this point you'd probably wouldn't be the first among your group of friends to take part. It may take some planning and smart shopping to find a photographer that fits your budget and style, but the rewards are well worth the effort. After pairing yourself with a successful bridal boudoir photographer, the rest is easy.

If you've been debating scheduling a session for your wedding here are a few good reasons you should!

bride in white lingerie from a bridal boudoir session

Reason 1. Boudoir Is An Incredible Wedding Gift

First and foremost... this is a pretty obvious reason. Let's be real, though-- doing a session is really as much a gift for yourself, as your fiancé. (You don't have to tell your partner that!) Boudoir is such a personal gift, and there really isn't anything quite like it. These days most brides are creating beautiful custom albums that can be personalized to make them uniquely your own.

Whether given on the day of your wedding, or the evening before, it becomes a treasured part of your wedding, and your memories. The photos are cherished and enjoyed for years, and as silly as it may sound now-- each and every time you view the photos will make for a heart-warming memories of the occasion. That's why boudoir is so special.

boudoir photo of a woman wearing stocking and garters in bed

Reason 2. Your Session Is A Mini Break And A Bit Of "You" Time.

Let's face it, the journey to the altar is often as complex as it is exciting. Amid the whirl of selecting venues, choosing invitations, and tasting cakes, becoming a bride can feel like a full-time job with the added pressure of a looming deadline. It's akin to an extensive home renovation where the options are endless and every choice seems to weigh heavily with significance. And just like any big project, the stress of decision-making can be relentless. That's where the serenity of a boudoir session comes in. It's not just a respite from the hustle of checklists and appointments; it's an invitation to step back and breathe.

A boudoir session is more than a photo shoot—it's a celebration of you amid the chaos. It's a day dedicated to pampering, with professional makeup artists and hairstylists at your service, ensuring you look and feel your most glamorous. Slipping into delicate laces or luxurious silks, you're reminded of the excitement that first sparked the wedding journey. In front of the camera, it's just you embracing your beauty and strength, without the weight of expectations. You're free to laugh, pose, and let go of the tension. And when the session is over, you're not only left with stunning photographs but also with a rejuvenated spirit and a renewed sense of joy. You step back into the wedding planning with a refreshed outlook, ready to tackle the next challenge with a smile that's just a bit brighter.

boudoir photo of beautiful woman in bridal lingerie

Reason 3. Because Life Goes By...

The thing that stuck with me when I started doing boudoir was the repeated phrase "I should have done this 'X' number of years ago..." from some of my... mature... clients. I don't ask anyone how old they are, but I've certainly had clients in their late 40s, 50s, and beyond who lamented how their bodies have changed with time and only wished they had photos of themselves in their prime.

When you are a young bride in your 20s or early 30s these concepts of a changing body are really the furthest thing on your mind-- because you will be the way you are now forever! Perhaps science will one day have a way to keep us all from aging, but until then marriage, children, a busy work life, and time eventually take their toll. Having a bridal boudoir album is an amazing way to preserve the memories of how you are today. You'll be so glad you did it, and it will become one of the most treasured items you own.

boudoir photos of stunning brunette in white lingerie

Reason 4. Boudoir Shopping Is Fun

A boudoir session shopping trip is the ultimate chance to indulge in the finer things, like garters and stockings, which transform from workplace-inappropriate to photo shoot chic. This isn’t just any shopping spree; it's about finding pieces that echo your unique charm and make you feel daring and delightful. With every choice tailored to your taste, you're not just picking out lingerie; you're embracing a form of self-expression that uplifts and inspires.

Lingerie shopping before a boudoir shoot is more than mere preparation; it’s a celebration of self and a foray into personal style. The pieces you choose do more than just complement the camera—they boost confidence and add a hint of boudoir elegance to your everyday life, long after the session is over. Each item is a reminder of the day you spent pampered, poised, and undeniably you. 😀.

boudoir photo of woman in black lingerie

Reason 5. It's A Great Way To Put A Little "Living" In Your Life.

The past year has been a testament to the unpredictable nature of life, illustrating how swiftly the familiar can become distant memories. One day we're enjoying the bustling atmosphere of our favorite restaurant, and the next, we're navigating the new normal from the confines of our homes. This stark contrast from one reality to another serves as a powerful reminder to seize the day and make the most of the 'now' because the promise of 'tomorrow' can be unexpectedly delayed. Engaging in activities that bring joy and exhilaration should be a priority, not an afterthought. A boudoir session fits perfectly into this philosophy—it's an adventure that celebrates your individuality and marks a moment of unrestrained self-indulgence.

Embarking on a boudoir photography session is more than a mere whimsical activity; it's an affirmative step towards embracing life's offerings with open arms. It allows for a break from the ordinary, giving you the chance to revel in the thrill of being the center of attention and capturing your essence in a series of stunning, professional photos. It's not just about the photos, though; it's about the experience—the anticipation, the pampering, the excitement, and the confidence that comes with stepping out of your comfort zone. This experience, this day of living a little larger than life, is one to be cherished, empowering you to carry that invigorated spirit into daily life and reminding you that there's beauty in living boldly and fully.


Well, there you go! Of course, there are many reasons why boudoir photography is a great experience, and these are just a few. Boudoir photography really holds a special place as a wedding gift, however, and that's why so many women have decided to make it a part of their wedding.

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