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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing A Bridal Boudoir Session

Updated: May 8

Have you been thinking about doing a bridal boudoir session, but you're still looking for a good reason why it may be for you? --Well how about 5 good reasons to do a bridal boudoir shoot!

Boudoir photography has become an increasingly popular wedding gift idea over the past few years, and at this point you'd probably wouldn't be the first among your group of friends to take part. It may take some planning and smart shopping to find a photographer that fits your budget and style, but the rewards are well worth the effort. After pairing yourself with a successful bridal boudoir photographer, the rest is easy.

If you've been debating scheduling a session for your wedding here are a few good reasons you should!

bride in white lingerie from a bridal boudoir session

Reason 1. Boudoir Is An Incredible Wedding Gift

First and foremost... this is a pretty obvious reason. Let's be real, though-- doing a session is really as much a gift for yourself, as your fiancé. (You don't have to tell your partner that!) Boudoir is such a personal gift, and there really isn't anything quite like it. These days most brides are creating beautiful custom albums that can be personalized to make them uniquely your own. Whether given on the day of your wedding, or the evening before, it becomes a treasured part of your wedding, and your memories. The photos are cherished and enjoyed for years, and as silly as it may sound now-- each and every time you view the photos will make for a heart-warming memories of the occasion. That's why boudoir is so special.

boudoir photo of stocking and garters in bed

Reason 2. Your Session Is A Mini Break And A Bit Of "You" Time.

Let's face it. Being a bride can be hectic. Sort of like doing a home renovation-- it turns out there can be way more decisions involved in wedding planning than you may have initially thought. A boudoir session is a nice break from the bridal (and work) routine. It's a day of pampering. A day of getting dressed up. And a time for having a bit of fun. The stress will go away, and you will walk away reenergized and with a smile on your face.

boudoir photo of beautiful woman in bridal lingerie

Reason 3. Because Life Goes By...

The thing that stuck with me when I started doing boudoir was the repeated phrase "I should have done this 'X' number of years ago..." from some of my... mature... clients. I don't ask anyone how old they are, but I've certainly had clients in their late 40s, 50s, and beyond who lamented how their bodies have changed with time and only wished they had photos of themselves in their prime.

When you are a young bride in your 20s or early 30s these concepts of a changing body are really the furthest thing on your mind-- because you will be the way you are now forever! Perhaps science will one day have a way to keep us all from aging, but until then marriage, children, a busy work life, and time eventually take their toll. Having a bridal boudoir album is an amazing way to preserve the memories of how you are today. You'll be so glad you did it, and it will become one of the most treasured items you own.

boudoir photos of stunning brunette in white lingerie

Reason 4. Boudoir Shopping Is Fun

If it's anything, a boudoir session is a great excuse to go shopping. Garters and stockings may not exactly be super practical at work, but for a boudoir session-- they are right at home, and fun to wear. When is the last time you treated yourself to a lingerie shopping spree? It makes you feel good, it looks great for your session, and afterward you may be finding yourself with some new inspiration to wear those pieces you purchased 😀.

boudoir photo of woman in black lingerie

Reason 5. It's A Great Way To Put A Little "Living" In Your Life.

The past year should be a glaring example of how quickly life and change. One minute your eating at your favorite restaurant... next moment your locked up at home... for months. It is a great example of how you should be making of the most of your time while you can, and there may not always be a tomorrow... A boudoir session is a great way to have a bit of a thrill- in a fun way- to check off a box on your life's "To Do" list.


Well, there you go! Of course, there are many reasons why boudoir photography is a great experience, and these are just a few. Boudoir photography really holds a special place as a wedding gift, however, and that's why so many women have decided to make it a part of their wedding.