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4 Boudoir Poses That Will Take Your Session To The Next Level

Updated: May 6

Boudoir photography is a unique and intimate form of photography that focuses on capturing the sensuality and beauty of the subject. It is a celebration of the female form and a way to showcase the confidence and power of the subject. A successful boudoir session requires a delicate balance of artistry and sensitivity, as well as a good understanding of posing and lighting.

One of the most important aspects of boudoir photography is posing. A good pose can transform an ordinary photo into a stunning work of art. It is the photographer's job to find the poses that best showcase the subject's natural beauty and confidence, while creating a sense of intimacy and empowerment. A skilled boudoir photographer will have a repertoire of poses to choose from, depending on the subject's body type, style, and preferences.

In this article, we will be sharing 4 simple boudoir poses that will take your session to the next level. These poses are classic, versatile, and dynamic, and can be adapted to suit almost every body type and style. I've used them hundreds of times, and they are client favorites! We will provide tips and tricks on how to achieve these poses, as well as how to relax your facial expression and maintain good posture. Whether you're a boudoir photographer or a client, these 4 poses are sure to elevate your boudoir session and create stunning photos that capture your natural beauty and confidence.

1. The Over The Shoulder Pose

boudoir pose of a woman laying in a bed in black lingerie

It's pretty. It's classic. The lying down pose is a boudoir pose that works for almost every body type. To achieve this pose, lie down on a bed with their shoulders and hips in line. The photographer takes position over one shoulder and shoots down the body. This pose creates a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, and allows the subject to showcase their curves in a natural way. You can arch their back slightly to emphasize your curves. There are many variations on this basic pose. My favorite-- a smile and the engagement ring.

2. The Standing Side Pose

boudoir shot of a woman in black lingerie looking to her side

The standing side pose is another classic boudoir pose that never goes out of style. To achieve this pose, stand facing a window or wall bringing your hands up to chest height, and use them to support yourself while pusshhhhhing back on your booty. Turn your head over their shoulder to make eye contact with the camera. This pose is all about showcasing the subject's beautiful profile and the natural curve of their back and booty. Relax your facial expression and to keep your back straight to maintain good posture.

3. The Seated Pose

boudoir pose of a woman seated on a bench

The seated pose is a versatile boudoir pose that can be adapted to suit any body type or style. To achieve this pose, have the subject sit on a bed or chair facing away from the photographer. This pose allows the subject to showcase their curves while creating a sense of elegance and poise. Remember to sit up straight and to elongate your neck to create a sense of confidence and power. NO slouching!

4. The Standing Elbow Lean

boudoir pose of a woman standing by a window leaning on her arm

...Just because you're so dramatic. The standing pose is a more dynamic boudoir pose that can create a sense of movement and energy in your photos. To achieve this pose, stand with your weight on one leg and the other leg slightly bent, raise their arm and lean over on a window or wall. This pose creates a sense of motion and allows you to showcase your curves in a natural and fluid way. Used a relaxed facial expression to create a sense of ease and confidence. ...Cute long sweaters add bonus points.


Remember, boudoir photography is all about capturing your natural beauty and confidence in a way that makes you feel powerful and feminine. These are just a few of the hundreds of possible poses your photographer should have in their arsenal. Don't be afraid to experiment with different poses, angles, and lighting to find what works best for you. With these 4 boudoir poses, your photographer can take your session to the next level and create stunning photos that you'll cherish for years to come.

...And as always, have fun!

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