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Comprehensive one-on-one consulting for photographers serious about getting involved in boudoir photography.

Personalized Guidance

Are you passionate about capturing the essence of beauty through boudoir photography? Do you strive to elevate your business, refine your art, and distinguish your brand in this dynamic field? You've come to the right place. Mike Cassidy Photography Consulting Services is designed for professionals like you who are ready to take their boudoir photography and business to unprecedented heights.

Who This is For


This exclusive consulting service is tailored for established boudoir photographers and entrepreneurs who are looking to:

  • Enhance their photographic technique and artistic expression.

  • Develop a distinctive brand that resonates with their ideal clientele.

  • Strategically grow their business in a competitive market.

  • Master the nuances of client experience to generate repeat business and referrals.


Our focus is on empowering photographers who have a foundational understanding and experience in boudoir photography. If you're committed to your craft and business, looking to push boundaries, and eager to implement advanced strategies, you're in the perfect spot.

boudoir shot of a woman in black lingerie and stockings posing by a window

Why Mike...

boudoir photo of of a woman wearing a pair of jeans and a white bra

With years of specialized experience in boudoir photography, Mike Cassidy has not only perfected the art but has also built a thriving business around it. His approach goes beyond just capturing stunning images; it's about creating a unique, empowering experience for each client. Now, he's ready to share his insights, techniques, and business strategies with you.

Services Offered

  • One-on-One Consulting: Personalized sessions focused on your specific needs and goals.

  • Portfolio Review: Detailed analysis and feedback to elevate your work.

  • Business Strategy: Guidance on branding, marketing, client relations, and more.

  • Workshops & Webinars: Exclusive access to in-depth learning opportunities.


Let's Create Magic Together


If you're an established boudoir photographer with a desire to refine your art and accelerate your business, Mike Cassidy Photography Consulting Services is your catalyst for success. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams.

Ready to Elevate Your Boudoir Photography Business?


Contact Mike Cassidy today to schedule your consultation and start your journey to greater success.

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Journey of Development

Embarking on this journey together, it's crucial to understand that while I am committed to providing you with the knowledge, insights, and strategies to enhance your boudoir photography and business practices, the nature of business growth is inherently unpredictable. As such, I cannot guarantee specific income outcomes or financial success.

What I do promise is a comprehensive, thoughtful approach to your development as a boudoir photographer and entrepreneur. Success in this field is not just about the income—it's about building a brand that resonates, creating art that fulfills, and establishing a business that sustains. Your dedication, combined with my guidance, can pave the way for significant achievements.

Together, we will focus on:

  • Crafting exceptional boudoir experiences that set you apart.

  • Developing a business model aligned with your vision and goals.

  • Leveraging your unique strengths to build a compelling brand.

  • Implementing strategic marketing to attract and retain your ideal clients.


By joining Mike Cassidy Photography Consulting Services, you're not just investing in business growth; you're investing in a journey of artistic and professional development. With a commitment to excellence and an open mind, the potential for success and fulfillment is boundless.


Let's embrace this journey with a shared vision of progress, creativity, and resilience.

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What's Next...

boudoir photo of a woman in lingerie and a long sweater posing by a window

If you'd like to know more, simply reach out to me via my Contact Page and mention the consulting program.


Please make note of the specific area(s) of interest.

Additionally, you can schedule a chat if you'd like to have a quick call with me to make sure I am the best person to help you!

Consulting can be scheduled for single session, weekly, or monthly check-ins, and scheduled based on your preference.

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