What Is Wedding Boudoir Photography?

New Jersey Wedding Boudoir Photography

Here's a news story: Wedding boudoir is a thing! Wedding (or bridal) boudoir is a boudoir session that takes place for the purpose of being a wedding gift. Wedding boudoir often contains photos in bridal lingerie, or other bridal accessories like veils, shoes... or sometimes even bridal gowns! Want to know more about bridal boudoir sessions? Let's take a look...

It's All About The Wedding

I've been doing bridal boudoir for over ten years, and bridal sessions are always special. Being a bride can be a bit of a crazy time. So many decisions... So many arrangements... And all of this typically comes on top of your regular every day workload. Being a bride in the 2020s can be stressful!

Bridal boudoir serves a few purposes. First, as we mentioned, a boudoir session is a great wedding gift. Its personal. Its beautiful. --Not to mention its about the best time you can have creating a gift. Often, its something equally enjoyed by you and your partner.

Second, boudoir sessions are just a fun time. Taking a few hours away from the hectic bridal grind can be a welcome break. Why not take a bit of "me" time and treat yourself to a bit of a change of pace. Take a day off, and pamper yourself a bit. After your session, don't be surprised if you feel revitalized and ready to take on your upcoming bridal chores with a renewed vigor. --Really!

Who Is Doing Wedding Boudoir?

Well, after all my years of doing bridal boudoir, I can say with confidence that the bridal boudoir audience is not limited to a certain age, personality, or occupation.

A big chunk of my brides are solid late 20's very early 30's, but bridal clients certainly do skew younger and older. The amazing part of being a boudoir photographer is witnessing the enormous age range of clients walking through my door-- It seems age is not a factor when it comes to feeling beautiful.

Think that boudoir is just an activity for "extroverts?" Think again. I have to admit, taking your clothes off and rolling around is certainly not something that most women do every day, so women, of all types, tend be a bit nervous at first about their sessions. This anxiety is typically very short-lived, however. It's difficult to describe, but after a few minutes the anxiety is often replaced by thrills, and by the end of the session women are typically walking on air-- having had such a good time.

Boudoir isn't an activity that shares a core of clients with specific job types or occupations. During my tenure as a photographer, I've have had the pleasure of working with such a spectrum of clients it would be impossible to say there is one single type of woman who walks through my doors most. There have been untold number of women entrepreneurs, attorneys, teachers, retail managers and medical professionals... just to name a few. Boudoir is truly for everyone.

What To Expect

A big part of the boudoir experience is the preparation. That preparation starts with finding the right photographer for you-- and that will take a bit of work. If you remember one thing from this post: Photographers are not all created equal. Followed by: Photography is not a price comparative industry.

I have written (seemingly) endlessly for the internet about how women should take finding a photographer seriously. Take a few minutes to ready one of my articles on how to shop for a boudoir photographer.

Americans are born with this affinity for comparing prices. In the world of photography lower is not better. It's not a bargain-- It's not a better deal. Now that being said, I understand everyone has a budget, but do not shop solely by price. Find a local photographer who has beautiful work. Someone who you can imagine yourself wanting to like someone in one of their photo galleries-- Find a local photographer who has rave reviews by clients. Save up the money and do your session properly. Trust me, and you will be rewarded.

The result of your session will be something you'll look back on for years.

Make It A Party