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Thinking of trying  I've been a user of MyPhotoApp since about 2014 (!), and have nothing but good to say about the product.  Its easy to use, and you can create your first app in literally minutes.  The interface is intuitive and tab-based, and the developer regularly updates the service with new features.  Once you have the basics under control, there are plenty of ways to customize to make it unique to your brand and style.   Its a good product for clients and a great promotional tool for your business.  I've even been using it for videos!

My customers enjoy having access to their photos on mobile devices, and the app make it easy for them to share with friends. Clients do really get a kick out of having their own photo as an "app" icon on their devices.

In addition, the system is under constant development and improvement.  It is basically a completely different service now than when I started with the product years ago. MyPhotoApp can be customized to include: shopping carts, music for galleries, data collection forms, proofing, signature capture, and more.


There are now a few different levels of service from Basic to Pro to Elite-- so you can subscribe to what fits your budget and needs.

If you were on the fence, or just looking to save a few dollars while signing up, please use my referral code and save 20% off your subscription:


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