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Boutique OnlyFans & social media management for select online creators looking to maximize potential.


If you're reading this you know it's not easy... despite what you may have heard.  Many women create an OnlyFans account because of the opportunity, but quickly realize the obstacles involved in growing and maintaining their accounts.  Simply stated... it's work.

I became involved a few years ago, when clients starting coming in and mentioning the service as the reason for their visit.  Since then, I've worked with dozens and dozens of women helping them create professional looking content for their pages.

Along the way I've had the benefit of chatting with creators from new to experienced, and with small (or new) accounts to quite large.  I've seen the roots of failure, and the common traits that successful content creators all share.

Somewhere along the lines I ran into a client who had the motivation and best of intentions, but was struggling with her account despite her efforts.  We sat down, made note of her deficiencies, restructured her entire account, and within six months that sub- $100 per month account grew to a high four-figure monthly grossing account.  She was shocked (but delighted!)

So, a new idea was born out of need, and has been successful ever since.  I don't solicit any creators, somehow they have organically found me.  This collaboration has grown to a small management group of OnlyFans accounts with a core of driven creators working in a symbiotic relationship where all the pieces come together to be greater than the individual.  No long term obligations, commitments or contracts.  It just has simply worked.

To work with me, please complete the inquiry form below.

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Mike Cassidy

Why Use An OnlyFans Manager

Let's face it, the vast majority of content creators love just that... making content.  What many OnlyFans creators quickly realize is that creating content is only one small part of running a successful blog page, and it's sometimes easier to hand off all the other aspects of running their page to someone else so they can focus on creating the best content for their subscribers.  --That's really a simple as it gets. 

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How It Works...


I have to start of by saying I appreciate everyone's interest this project.  At this point, however there is way more demand than openings-- the group is very small, highly targeted, and very selective.

The current group is a hand picked collection of creators who work hard... period.  They become successful.  Due to the time, energy, and dedication made to each account the management group is kept small so each creator gets the time and attention needed. 


For consideration for current or future availability please complete the form below. 

Services Provided


A lot of models are great at creating content, but may not be as driven at the marketing, management, and sales aspects of running a successful OnlyFans page.

Why you would consider working with an Elite OF Management group?

Copywriting. - The key to growing an OnlyFans base is copywriting.  Creating content that engages, and elicits a responses in the form of dollars, from subscribers.  

Subscriber Management. - Answering and responding to direct messages, comments, etc.  This is where many fall short, and frankly run out of steam...  Imagine a scenario where you have a chance to meet your favorite movie star, you walk up and are super excited, you say "Hi!" and start telling your movie star crush how much you enjoy their work... and mid-sentence they turn away and walk away from you.  You'd be crushed.  Not engaging with your subs is just like that.

Content planning. - Planning and scheduling of posts, PPV messages, live events to maximize earnings.

Professional Content Creation. - (For local creators.) Creation of professional photography & video content.


The system.  It's not magic... just knowledge.  There is a method to growing subscribers, engagement, extending customer life, and maximizing earnings per subscriber..

...And more!

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What Makes A Successful Creator


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 Here are some common questions: 

  • Do you work with new accounts?  Yes. All accounts are considered.  In some senses it's easier to take a newer account and start a creator off in the right direction than change the habits of an established creator.

  • Is there a long term contract?  No.  A creator is free to stay or go as they please.

  • Do I still make my own content?  Yes.  Due to the volume of content a creator needs to produce, creators will be able to do as much of their content as they wish... and you'll need to!

  • Is the program open to everyone?  Anyone can apply, but at this time we are not taking any new creators in to the program.

  • I like the idea of OF, but I'm not so into creating content.  Is this still for me?  What you're telling me is you really want to be a chef, but you're no so into the cooking part...  Our people love creating new content.

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